Roundup: 282 Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Yemen in five days, killing 13 civilians

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During the past five days 282 airstrikes launched by US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes targeted several provinces in Yemen killing at least 13 civilians and wounding 27. In Sana’a province 24 airstrikes hit Nehm district, Daylami air base and the Faculty of Aviation. In Sa’ada province, where several districts were targeted by 55 airstrikes and the warplanes also dropped cluster bombs on two districts, 5 civilians were killed and 10 wounded in air rides by the aggression planes. Moreover 11 raid targeted Jawf province; 68 air raids in Taiz province and in particular in Mokha city; 15 others raids in Mareb province and 36 raids also in several areas of Hodeida port city. Also Hajja, Dhamar and Amran provinces were targeted and civilians were killed and wounded.

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