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Six killed as suicide bombers attack Maiduguri.

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The Nigerian Security Agency confirmed the death of 6 people, plus 15 injuried, in an attack carried on by four teenage girls who detoned explosives worn around their bodies at Maiduguri, Borno State capital. The spokeperson of NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency ) Sani Datti, said:  “16 people who got injured were administered with first aid by rescue workers before being transported to the state specialist hospital and university teaching hospital in Maiduguri Borno state”. In the past six months a location in Maiduguri, called Muna garage, has been repeatedly hit by these attacks, tipically caused by youg women, kidnapped by Boko Haram, who lost their lives helping the sect convey their lethal weapons attack military and civl population. For about two years now, over 200 such teenage girls have been involved in these attacks, sadly less than ten survived the mission. The girls (usually deployed in twos) are told that explosives will not harm them and that they will disalpear to a safe haven to live an eternal life of bliss and happiness.

Boko Haram insurgents attacked and injured 6 soldiers

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At least six soldiers were injured on Saturday when they ran into an ambush by Boko Haram insurgents while escorting a convoy of Gwoza Local Government Area officials. The ambush occurred along Maiduguri-Bama road, close to Bama. A gang of about 40 Boko Haram members opened fire on the convoy that was being escorted by soldiers of the 121 Task Force Battalion, Pulka. The caretaker council chairman of Gwoza, Saeed Sambo, told journalists that the soldiers fought back fiercely, killing about 20 of the attackers. He said they came under attack at about 10 a.m. when they were heading for Gwoza from Maiduguri.

Two suicide bombers killed themselves at police checkpoint, a third arrested

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Two suicide bombers in the early hours of Friday killed themselves at a police checkpoint near the Federal High Court Complex in Maiduguri, after police officers on guard tried to stop them from advancing towards their post. A third suicide bomber was arrested. Three of them – two females and a male – were spotted creeping in the dark towards the police post at about 3.50 a.m. Another set of twin blasts were heard at about 8 a.m., but the details are yet to be ascertained.

Daesh: from Paris to Maiduguri

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Paris attacks, on November 13, pointed out again that the terror threat reached a historical high within European borders. Beyond Syria and Iraq, where Daesh is headquartered, Africa is the favorite ISIS’s target. As proved by the last 15 days.
More than 83 attacks all over the world from June 2014 to date, as reported by Le Monde. More than 1,600 victims. Raqqa (Syria) and Maiduguri (Nigeria) the most affected cities. Since March 2015, when the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram joined the Caliphate, terrorist actions in Africa have dramatically increased. As well as the several organizations that, from Mali to Egitto, hit in the name of ISIS.

After 129 killed in Paris, others were added from November to today:

Mali: More than 20 people were killed after a raid against Radisson Hotel last November 20. Thanks to military action by French and US special forces, 150 hostages were freed. After the arrest of two suspects, the local terrorist cells attacked on UN base at Kidal, killing 3 people.

Egypt: Two terrorist attacks. The first one, on November 24, was a double suicide attack which killed 4 people on a hotel in North Sinai. The second one, on November 28, when terrorists opened fire on checkpoint in Giza, killing 4 policemen.

Nigeria: Before a truck station, then a Shiite procession. These two places, near the capital Maiduguri, were the two targets of Boko Haram troops. Over 35 and 32 killed.

Camerun: Four different kamikaze actions of four girls killed at least 5 people in Fotokol on 21 November.

Tunisia: 13 killed following a suicide bomb attack against a bus carrying members of Tunisia’s presidential guard on 24 November in Tunis. As well as actions in the Bardo Museum and on Sousse beach last June, Daesh claimed responsibility.
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Nigeria: financial crisis and the Boko Haram return

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President Buhari talked about millions of dollars in debt. Meanwhile, army is losing ground in the State of Borno and jihadists have come back.

Nigeria is close to bankruptcy. The economic crisis of the past few months, due to oil prices collapse, is bringing the African country on its knees. The treasury is “virtually empty and this is a misfortune,” president Buhari said in front of reporters. “Nigeria has millions of dollars in debt: public employees and even federal employees are not perceiving their wages,” he reiterated.

Re-elected against the outgoing head of state Goodluck, Buhari is facing a country destabilized by terrorism. If in February the army had managed to regain Maiduguri, capital of Borno State, now the Boko Haram militants fought back. And violence in the northeast of Nigeria has returned to alarming levels.

In fact, only a few hours ago, two girls blew themselves up near a mosque in Maiduguri, crowded timetable of prayer, causing 30 killed and several wounded. In Ongs point of view, Boko Haram’s troops often uses the hundreds of women and girls abducted in the last year in these suicide bombings, even against their will.

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