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Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation with Afghanistan

The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has met the UAE officials to talk about security and cooperation between the two countries. It is been confirmed by the spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazawi. Earlier the commission delegation of Kandahar had told to Ariana News two neighboring countiries were involved in the terrorist attack in Kandahar, where 5 UAE officials had lost their lives. The President Ghani in this meeting has presented a reliable report on this attack to UAE officials, that point out innonce of Afghanistan. In the same time, Ghani, have to convince United Emirates Arab to give the necessary financial support to Afghanistan.

UAE’s high level officials were the targets of the deadly attack in Kandahar

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“The deadly attack in Kandahar likely plotted outside the country and it targeted several high levels official including UAE Ambassador”, said the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan Atmar. In a press conference he added that this attack carried out with support of the enemy of the country. Taliban Group, despite carried out some terrorist attacks in the same day, rejected their involvment in this particular attack, to preserve the relationship with Islamic State close to the Afghan government. Abdul Raziq, the police provincial chief, said that this attacks were carried out by Haqqani with the support of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), the spy wing of the Pakistani military.

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