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Sexual jihad: Isis’ s new weapon

19 women executed days ago in Iraq for refusing the “jihade marriage”. Isis militants, with no shame, kidnap and rape to satisfy their needs in the name of Allah.
“Sexual jihad” is the term that describes forms of sexual violence and human trafficking justified by political and religious ideology used by Isis militants to terrorize women. All women, all over the Middle East, No matter  what their religion or conditions are.  They could be married or unmarried, believe in other religions than the Islamic one, agree with  the “sexual jihad” ideology or refuse it. Days ago, in the iraqi city of Mosul, Isis executed 19 women because they refused to take part to the cruel practice of the so-called sexual jihad. The distribution of women and money often generates internal conflicts inside Isis militants, creating a long series of cruelty. “As Iraq descends into war, women are not only on the frontlines: they are the battlefield. But – the Iraqi Woman’s Freedom Organisation said – here is the part that too many media reports have missed: they are not just victims; they are critical first responders”. The beginning of those effects dates back when the Usa occupied Iraq.
The Usa Government imposed new rules, instead of the secular Iraqi government bureaucracy and destroyed the balance of powers Who might have been wrong but were effective for the Iraqi society. The new system allocates political power according to religious sect, turning a theological difference into a dangerous political divide. Slowly, sectarian militias made their way and launched campaign of terror in which women were involved as victims. Violence at home and in the streets was frequent and continuous. Now, the iraqi women are living in another, similar, nightmare. “Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, is fanning those flames by rejecting calls for unity – says The Womens’ Freedom Organisation – and resurrecting the militias that only a few years ago turned public hospitals into torture chambers and raped women who stepped out of line”.
Isis kidnaps women from their homes and uses them to satisfy the needs of the militants. The “sexual jihad” is another kind of weapon to control communities. Some women, after being kidnapped, committed suicide. In Syria and Egypt the situation seems to be different. The concept of sexual jihad has surfaced in those countries during their political turmoil. It says that during the crisis, women have offered sexual comforts to fighters to boost their morale. Those women come also from Britain, Australia and Malaysia. They flew to Syria, Egypt, Iraq to serve as ‘comfort women’ for Isis militants. In Iraq, women have no chance to choose. The most at risk are displaced families without husbands or fathers to lead the women. What really happens is that reports of forced “jihad marriage” are rampant across ISIS occupied territory.

NATO answer to Turkey’s request for article 4 cosultation

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The North Atlantic Council, which includes the ambassadors of all 28 NATO Allies, will meet on Tuesday 28 July, following a request by Turkey to hold consultations under article 4 of NATO’s founding Washington Treaty.
Under article 4 of the Treaty, any Ally can request consultations whenever, in the opinion of any of them, their territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened.

Turkey requested the meeting in view of the seriousness of the situation after the heinous terrorist attacks in recent days, and also to inform Allies of the measures it is taking. NATO Allies follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey.

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