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Information about the 2013 election campaign of Michelle Bachelet requested by Procurator Gòmez

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The Procurator Gòmez requested at the Electoral Service some informations about the 2013 election campaign of Michelle Bachelet, on request of the inquisitor judge Mauricio Daza, who suspects that Bachelet has illicitly obtained funds both in the period before and during the election campaign itself. Daza said that he was pleased to  Gòmez’s request but though accusing him of having acted in late.

UN Security Council wants to investigate on the chemical attacks in Syria

The UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously decided to extend for another year the mandate of a panel tasked with investigating chemical attacks in Syria and identifying those responsible. The terrorist organizations like Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups linked to it, which some countries label as “moderate opposition”, have repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians in several areas of Syria, most recently in Aleppo, where those organizations targeted the residential neighborhoods with toxic gases including chlorine gas, causing many cases of asphyxiation. According to Russia Today website, Russia had said it wanted the inquiry to be broadened to look more at the “terrorist chemical threat” within the region, and the resolution to renew the mandate included language to reflect that request.

13 Palestinians kidnapped during West Bank raids by IOF

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IOF on Tuesday overnight have kidnapped 13 Palestinians from cities all over the West Bank. The raids included heavy fire and teargas grenades in Askar refugee camp near Nablus, causing intense clashes. On the other hand, IOF arrested a Palestinian child near the Ibrahimi Mosque for allegedly possessing a knife. The child was then transferred to Ofer military center for investigation. In Jenin, clashes broke out in Anin and Zabouba towns after Israeli forces stormed the two towns amid heavy use of teargas bombs. Several injuries were reported during the clashes. Similar raids were carried out in Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil where several homes were stormed and a number of local youths were summoned for investigation including an ex-detainee.

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