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The new law by the GOP to replace Obamacare provides cuts to the detriment of health services of which benefiting women

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The American Health Care Act has angered American women, especially many of those who sit in Congress, in fact, the new law drafted by the GOP to replace Obamacare provides, between the lines, cuts to the detriment of several health services of which typically benefiting women, talk about mammograms, pregnancy and maternity. According to Democratic female lawmakers major cuts will have in the sector of abortion, that was always been an enemy of a large part of GOP, in fact, according to Planned Parenthood, the intention of the Republicans is to keep alive the right to abortion but equating it to the others health services, so effectively would become paid. At idea of the GOP have already opposed three Senators:Patty Murray, Dem., Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, Rep., These three opposition threatened to blow up the Republican majority in the Senate.

Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, health care plan for America

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan presented the American Health Care Act, the bill drafted by the GOP to replace Obamacare, while Ryan presentation has labeled the Obamacare as “unsustainable” and, quoting former President Clinton, “the craziest thing in the world”. According to the Speaker of the new health care bill will allow the Americans to continue to have access to health care with a relatively low expenditure because, unlike the Obamacare, will work on the costs of health insurance policies without weighing the cost of health squarely on the federal government’s coffers , in the project of the GOP remain alive  free insurance to the needy, but these will be financed individually by the single States with funds provided in part by the federal government, in the end will disappear the obligation for employers to provide medical insurance to employees, these can independently choose the health insurance  that best suits their needs.

The Democratic National Committee has chosen Tom Perez as new party leader

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The Democratic National Committee has chosen its new leader, will be Thomas Perez, former Secretary of Labor during the Obama administration and Department of Justice civil rights lawyer, defeated his closest rival, Congressman Keith Ellison, who will cover the post of deputy. Perez’s victory was helped by the support of the party establishment, in particular Joe Biden and Eric Holder, the new leader has made it clear that it intends to rebuild the party according to a model less centralized, Perez will look to take advantage of the strong political mobilization against Trump to strengthen the party in his local detachments. The election of Perez marks for the Democratic Party a sharp left turn that the new party leader must be able to control, avoiding that was occurred to the GOP that has been found to have an internal faction, the Tea Party, stronger of the same party.

U.S. lawmakers push for answers of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government

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The resignation of National Security Advisor have brought to light the issue of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government, many Republican lawmakers claim that is made clarity on the subject, not only through the establishment of a bipartisan commission of inquiry but also through in-depth investigation by the Intelligence Agencies. The White House, with the help of the Department of Justice and loyalists of Capitol Hill, trying to ward off this possibility,the supporters of Trump are willing to initiate a parliamentary investigation as long as have lead it will be the existing Parliamentary Commitees led by the GOP. In this sense, the President has renewed yesterday, during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister, his esteem for the former Advisor Michael Flynn that,according to Trump,would be victim of “mistreatment by the media

After the resignation of Michael Flynn, the Democrats demand

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After the resignation of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, due to his repeated conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US, the Democrats demand again to the administration and to the Congress, Republican majority, which is made clear on the links that the new administration has with Russia calling for the formation of an independent and bipartisan commission of inquiry in Congress. A Favor of Democratic proposal has also deployed the GOP Sen. McCain, while other Republicans have merely taken note of the resignation of Flynn considering them a duty saw the loss of the relationship of trust between him and the President. It should be stressed that according to reports the Department of Justice would allert the administration about the talks between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador a month ago.

The choice of Rex Tillerson and Secretary of State doesn’t convince all the members of GOP

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Rex Tillerson is the man chosen by Donald Trump for the office of Secretary of State. This choice, however, is unconvincing all the members of the GOP, in particular, have expressed unfavorable to the Tillerson’s appointment the senators John McCain, presidential candidate in 2008, and Marco Rubio, candidate in the last GOP primary. Both have noted that the CEO of Exxon has no diplomatic experience and has unclear relationship with Russia. Tillerson’s candidacy, however, has been appreciated by Rience Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, in particular for its close ties to Vladimir Putin.

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