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Egypt: Militant group Hassm claims responsability for attack on Nasr City chekpoint

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North Sinai victim of new attacks against Egypt authorities. On Monday, two policemen had been killed, and 5 people injured in Nasr City. The attack happened on a checkpoint of the city. Attack is vindicated by a new-born terrorist group, named “the Hawks of Determination”. The terrorist group announced the death of 6 people, and has promised to publish a video of the attack on social media, soon. The group, form in 2016, has vindicated other similar attacks since June 2016 in the region. However, even if this attack show insecurity in North Sianai, we need to underline that according to the latest report by the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policies (TIMEP), the number of terrorist attacks in Egypt decreased in the last quarter of 2016 to 168, compared to 209 in the third quarter, with 92 percent of the attacks taking place in North Sinai.

New legislation threatens judicial independence in Egypt

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A new legislation in Egypt could threat judicial independence, according to the NGO Amnesty International. A new law passed by parliament last night, granting the President the power to appoint the most senior members within the justice system, could further undermine the independence of the judiciary in Egypt, Amnesty International said today. If ratified by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the law would grant him powers to select the heads of judicial bodies, including the heads of the Court of Cassation, the State Council, the Administrative Prosecution Authority and the State Lawsuits Authority. Thus Al-Sissi will increase his control over judicial power, which could be a threat for Egyptian democracy. Juridical power asks Al-Sissi to not ratify the text, pass on 26 April at Egyptian Parliament. A manifestation will be organize on 5th May.

NCHR calls for review of preventive detention period in Egypt

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New doubts in front of Human Right respect in Egypt according to international organisation. The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has called for a review of the preventive detention period, which can last up to over two years in Egypt — in violation of the law which specifies that suspects may only remain in remand for a three-month period. NCHR expressed its preoccupation in front of several cases of detention of innocent, whose have been detained for years in Egypt prisons. Especially in prisons which are reaching 300% of occupation. Overcrowding reached 400 percent in preventive detention cells and 160 percent in prisons, according to relative estimates reported by former interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim. Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Alaa Shalaby, said the organization’s annual report warned of the danger of expanding the preventive detention period and called for urgent action in this regard.

Police officer shot dead in Faisal.

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In despite of emergency state application, violences continue in Egypt. A non-commissioned police officer was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on Wednesday morning in the district of Faisal in Giza. According to later reports from a security source with Giza Security Directorate, the officer was targeted in a revenge killing due to a dispute between the victim’s family and another family. According to authorities, these kind of attacks are commons since the overthrow of the government of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, whom authorities blame for plotting the attacks. An other policy officier had been killed in similar conditions last February.

Islamic State car bomb kills 4 tribesmen in Egypt’s Sinai

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Insecurity in North Sinai, even if Cairo’s government has declared the state of emergency after Palm’s attacks, threats continue. An Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber attacked a tribal checkpoint in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, killing four members of a powerful local tribe and wounding others, Egyptian security officials said. This new attack against local tribes follows recent clashes which took place in the area last week, with conflict opposing Bedouin tribes and IS.

Al-Sisi and Saudi King Salman confirm good relations after year of tensions

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Egypt stabilizes its international relations, new path toward Egypt-Saudi Arabia cooperation, after a year of tensions beween, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud met in Riyadh on Sunday with the two of them confirming their good relations. Al-Sissi stressed the necessity for both countries to cooperate in Arab League area, but also on a bilateral dimension. They also discuss the global security strategy for the region, and the counter-terrorism policy. Saudi Arabia’s King has accepted an invitation to Cairo, without express a precise date. Tensions between both countries was born after Egypt vote in favour of a peace resolution plan for Syria, voted at the Security Council. Following this vote a conflict around Saudi Oil exportations was born between both countries creating a diplomatic tensions.

Sahar Nasr talked about the allocation of the third tranche from World Bank to the Egypt

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The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr held a meeting with the World Bank’s vice president, Jan Walliser, during her current visit to Washington to attend the bank’s spring meetings. Egypt minister, talked about the allocation of the third tranche of the loan ($1bn), from World Bank to the country. Furthermore, Nasr said that the government wants the World Bank to expand financing to develop projects in Upper Egypt, which were originally financed with $500m, as well as to consider establishing more labourintensive projects by allocating finances worth $150m.

Egyptian and Russian foreign ministers and defence ministers to meet in Cairo in May

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Russia and Egypt seems to create really strong ties, after the official visit of a Russian delegation in Egypt two weeks ago, a new meeting had been previous. The Egyptian and Russian foreign ministers agreed in a phonecall on Friday to meet in Cairo at the end of May, along with the two countries’ defence ministers, an Egyptian ministry spokesman announced. According to first informations, during the phonecall, they evoked their bilateral relations, the current situation in Syria and in Lybia. This meeting will increase again Egypt-Russian relationship.

Sisi stresses Egypt-US strong relations in meeting with US defense secretary

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Mattias official visit in Egypt has permitted to enforce Egypt-US relations, re-started with the official visit of Egyptian president to the White House. During the meeting with US Secretary of Defense James Matiss, attended by Egypt’s Defense Minister Sidqi Sobhi, US Deputy National Security Advisor for for Strategic Affairs Dina Powell, and US Ambassador to Cairo Stephen Beecroft, Sisi expressed his aspirations to continue negotiations over strengthening military cooperation between the two countries. At the centre of discussions, fighting terrorism in the region had been the main topic.

Terms of Russia – Egypt NPP Contract Signing Depend on Cairo

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Russia and Egypt are confirming their good relationship. Indeed, during last few weeks, a Russian delegation was in Egypt to talk about cooperation on nuclear program. The dialogue had been fructify; because the terms of signing the Russian-Egyptian comprehensive contract for the construction of Egypt’s first Dabaa nuclear power plant depend on Cairo, Moscow is ready for signing now, the general director of the Rosatom state corporation, Alexey Likhachev, told on Wednesday. Likhachev is waiting Egyptian agreement to launch the program.

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