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Al-Sisi supports national reconciliation, efforts to fight terrorism in Iraq

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said in his meeting on Tuesday with the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakeem. An alliance between both countries had been evoked, especially in economical, political and counter-terrorism field. Al-Sisi recalled the importance of the dialogue between different factions composing the country, and a division of the country could have an impact on the whole region. Al-Hakeem expressed his thanks and appreciation for Egypt’s support, stressing that Egypt plays a pivotal role as a cornerstone for security and stability in the region.

US defense secretary to visit Israel as part of Mideast trip.

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U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis is scheduled to visit the Middle East this week, his first regional tour since taking office, the Pentagon said Saturday. Mattis is set to visit Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Djibouti between April 18 and April 23.The Defense Department said the purpose of the trip was to “reaffirm key U.S. military alliances”, and “discuss cooperative effort to counter destabilizing activities and defeat extremist terrorist organizations”. Mattis will arrive in Israel on Thursday. But we have two meetings one with with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday and with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday. Lieberman and Mattis met in Washington on March 7, where both underscored the close defense ties between the U.S. and Israel.Mattis’ visit to Israel will take place against the backdrop of efforts by Washington and Jerusalem to reignite the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Mattis has said in the past that he believes the Judea and Samaria settlement enterprise was “obstructing the possibility of a two-state outcome” between Israelis and Palestinians.

Egypt : Sinai monastery attacks kills one, injeres four.

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New clashes reported in North Sinai this Sunday. An attack on security forces near Egypt’s St Catherine’s Monastery in south Sinai has killed at least one person and injured four. According to a local media, a gunmen has attacked a checkpoint close to the main entry of St Catherine’s Monastery. St Catherine’s is one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. Attacks are common in northern Sinai, where an insurgency by extremist militants has raged for years, but rare in south Sinai. This attacks has created a moment of fear, recording recent attacks of Palm Sunday, which have killed 45 peoples.

Egypt: 13 alleged militants arrested in police raids in Beheira and Alexandria

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Investigations after bombs attacks of Palm Sunday continue in Egypt. According to a statement from the ministry, the arrested men were members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The statement added that the 13 men had orders to plant bombs in several cities and to attack Copts, security personnel and state institutions, “in order to spread chaos”. Officials told that some tunnels had been found under their home, and a lot of stuff to create an explosive had been, also, found.

Egypt: Security procedures tightened at Red Sea highway checkpoints

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The Red Sea security authorities tightened inspection procedures at highway and border checkpoints on Sunday, particularly the checkpoint at the 85km mark on Safaga-Qena highway and the 5km mark Safaga checkpoint for vehicles coming from Upper Egypt, as well as checkpoints on roads from Lower Egypt to the southern border of Egypt. Control had been enforced since last Sunday and the two bombs attacks which have hurt Egypt, during controls each controlled car need to say where it wants to go and why. According to Qena residents, the security authorities justified this measure by saying that the defendants in the Tanta and Alexandria bombings were from the governorate. The Interior Ministry had announced that 16 Qena residents are suspected of involvement in the bombings.

Political crisis between Egypt, Sudan over international sanctions imposed on Khartoum.

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The past 48 hours witnessed a diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Sudan after the Sudanese newspapers reported that the deputy head of Egypt’s delegation to the United Nations called for extending the international sanctions imposed on Khartoum because of the Darfur crisis. Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Gadnour, express is surprised in front of Egyptian position, and asks Cairo to explain its position. Egyptian embassy to Khartoum has reaffirmed its sustained to Sudan. Diplomatic tensions between both countries seems to increase, even if Egypt side try to minimize the tensions. Egyptian foreign minsiter will be in Khartoum next week to clarify the misunderstanding.


Egyptian politician calls for investigation into Russia's accusations against UK over Egypt churches attacks

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Last Wednesday, inside the Security Council, Russia accused Great-Britain to have participate to terrorists attacks of Palm Sunday, which have killed 44 Egyptians and injured more than 100. In front of this allegation, Egypt asks for a transparent international investigation. The Russian official accused Britain of supplying extremist armed groups with weapons and explosives to target Christians and minorities in the Middle East. Russian attacks inside Security Council told, also, that UK supports militant groups also in other European countries as France. Egyptian investigation will clarify this misunderstanding.

“Neglected” student dies in Egypt prison after a cancer battle

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A 19 years old student, is dead of a head tumour on Thursday in Egyptian prisons. Authorities refuse to relaunch him for medical reasons. Family of the victim accuse treatments suffered in the prison, and negligences from medical staff of the infrastructure. The young student was serving a five-year military court sentence after being convicted of illegal gathering, protesting, damaging a car, and the alleged attempt to murder a military officer.

Egyptian lawyer blames Morsi for church bombings

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In his complaint, Sabry, an Egyptian lawyer said: “It became clear that the terrorist spy Mohamed Morsi is the first inciter for all the filthy terrorist attacks the last of which are the despicable attacks on the churches in Tanta and Alexandria where tens of martyrs and wounded fell.” Sabry also explained that during, his one year rule, Morsi has released a lot of terrorists, so for this reason he is in part responsible of terrorism in Egypt. Morsi “ruled the country with a Brotherhood fist between June 30 2012 and July 3 2013, and during this period, he issued an amnesty for about 2,500 sentenced terrorists and weapons smugglers., has expressed the lawyer.

Sudan imposes visa entry on Egyptians to avoid terrorist

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Terrorist attacks in Egypt have consequences at the international relations level. The Sudanese foreign minister explained that the country’s decision to require Egyptians to obtain entry visas for travelling to Sudan is aimed at avoiding terrorists from entering the country. The measure, will concern only men from 18 to 50, so women can still travel without visa from Egypt to Sudan. Its a reduction to an agreement signed in 2004, which permitted to Egyptian to travel without visa to Sudan.

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