NCHR calls for review of preventive detention period in Egypt

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New doubts in front of Human Right respect in Egypt according to international organisation. The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has called for a review of the preventive detention period, which can last up to over two years in Egypt — in violation of the law which specifies that suspects may only remain in remand for a three-month period. NCHR expressed its preoccupation in front of several cases of detention of innocent, whose have been detained for years in Egypt prisons. Especially in prisons which are reaching 300% of occupation. Overcrowding reached 400 percent in preventive detention cells and 160 percent in prisons, according to relative estimates reported by former interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim. Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Alaa Shalaby, said the organization’s annual report warned of the danger of expanding the preventive detention period and called for urgent action in this regard.

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