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the presidents of the JDC, of the JuventudesComunistas and Juventud Socialista have emphasized the necessity to arrive at a common platform

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Jóvenespor un nuevo Chile, a political association close to the governing coalition Nueva Mayoria, cries of open and transparent internal primary to elect a common candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. The proposal was well received by all sides of the coalition, in fact, the presidents of the JDC, of the JuventudesComunistas and Juventud Socialista have emphasized the necessity to leave aside the internal conflicts to arrive at a common platform in order to prevent a right-wing victory, represented by former President Sebastian Piñera.

Senator Chahuán asks at the Government to address immigration law urgently

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Senator Francisco Chahuán, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the opposition Party Renovación Nacional, said that it is very serious that the government has not yet presented a new immigration law, in fact, according to Chahuán the current regulations are too restrictive and not in line with the new trends of migration flows, even after considering the positions taken by United States on the theme. According to the Senator the delay of the Government even cares Peru and Brazil, who have stated in front of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, finally Chahuán recalled how the former President Piñera had prepared a draft reform of the immigration law, agreed even with the Church, which could be simply recovered now.

Chile and Argentina bet on integration against xenophobia

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The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and the Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, met in Chacabuco for the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the battle of homonymous. The two presidents, together with their Minister for Foreign Affairs agreed on the need to strengthen  relations between the countries of South America without failing the “convergence in diversity” principle, this means strengthening the economic integration with  MERCOSUR and the political with the Pacific Alliance, also presidents both agree on the need to fight the political populism and xenophobia, this to highlight the difference of views between South America and the new US administration.

Ricardo Lagos proclaimed as presidential candidate by Party for Democracy

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The Party for Democracy (PPD) today voted its candidate for the presidential elections of 2018. At the voting session, participated by 400 councilors who have chosen unanimously, the 92.6% of the vote was for the former President Ricardo Lagos, who was confronting Deputy Jorge Tarud. The President of the PPD Gonzalo Navarrete expressed satisfaction for the results of the voting. Now Lagos must face the candidates of the other parties who are forming the coalition “Nueva Mayoría” before he can be an official candidate in the presidential elections of 2018.

Senator and former TV presenter Guiller chosen as a candidate for the 2018 presidential elections

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It is gale around the current coalition that leads the government, which has chosen Senator and former TV presenter Alejandro Guillier, member of the Radical Party, as a candidate for the presidential elections of 2018. Paulina Núñez and Eduardo Riquelme, President and Vice President of the National Renewal movement, have sharply criticized the choice of Guillier that although it is a name that has a cult following among voters is accused by the leaders of the NR of lacking of electoral program, unlike the other candidate of the government coalition that the former President Ricardo Lagos, however,reputed too old by the voters. Riquelme ended the speech recalling how the social-economic situation in Chile had improved in the four years of Sebastián Piñera presidency, that the current leadership of NR would be persuaded to run again in 2018.

The results achieved in 2016 by the government of Michelle Bachelet have been analyzed

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Sen. Hernán Larraín and Guillermo Ramirez, President and Secretary General of the Democratic Independent Union, the first opposition party, analyzed the results achieved in 2016 by the government of Michelle Bachelet. The Independent Democratic Union leaders have strongly criticized the current cabinet, remembering how this has been overwhelmed by judicial scandals of various kinds and that they have prevented the holding of effective and consistent government action. The analysis concluded with the hope that next year, the last government for Michelle Bachelet before the elections, will be a year of cooperation between the opposition and government, the two leaders underlined that the low propensity to dialogue shown by cabinet has greatly helped to cripple the economy.

Information about the 2013 election campaign of Michelle Bachelet requested by Procurator Gòmez

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The Procurator Gòmez requested at the Electoral Service some informations about the 2013 election campaign of Michelle Bachelet, on request of the inquisitor judge Mauricio Daza, who suspects that Bachelet has illicitly obtained funds both in the period before and during the election campaign itself. Daza said that he was pleased to  Gòmez’s request but though accusing him of having acted in late.

Jacqueline van Rysselberghe new UDI President

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Sen. Jacqueline van Rysselberghe is the new President of the UDI ( Independent Democratic Union) the rightwing conservative party and main opponent of the current President Michelle Bachelet. van Rysselberghe defeated with almost 63% of the votes the Congressman Jaime Bellolio, the first to congratulate for the victory, Sen. is the first woman to guide the party, will retain the post for two years,until the next presidential elections even if is no guarantee that she will be the candidate of the UDI, is not excluded that the UDI support as a candidate the former president Juan Sebastián Piñera.

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