Senator and former TV presenter Guiller chosen as a candidate for the 2018 presidential elections

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It is gale around the current coalition that leads the government, which has chosen Senator and former TV presenter Alejandro Guillier, member of the Radical Party, as a candidate for the presidential elections of 2018. Paulina Núñez and Eduardo Riquelme, President and Vice President of the National Renewal movement, have sharply criticized the choice of Guillier that although it is a name that has a cult following among voters is accused by the leaders of the NR of lacking of electoral program, unlike the other candidate of the government coalition that the former President Ricardo Lagos, however,reputed too old by the voters. Riquelme ended the speech recalling how the social-economic situation in Chile had improved in the four years of Sebastián Piñera presidency, that the current leadership of NR would be persuaded to run again in 2018.

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