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Armed groups CMA withdraw from checkpoints in northern Timbuktu

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CMA Military groups agreeded to withdrow from the checkpoint they did occupy since 5 march at Timbouctu. But thei demands was not satisfied and the tension remain. The CMA fighters, this friday, gave up to Malese Army the checkpoint they did occupy. The decision was taken after a meeting with Minusma leader and french officers from Barkhane operation: they asked to militants leaders to withdrow from the checkpoints, occupied in violation of Algeri Agreement. The army groups leader accepted to leave, but they asked, in return, their complains to be taken in account, and even though none agreement has been signed they have been assured that their message will be transm,itted to the hightest level. Last week CMA army group attacked two checkpoint in the northern part of Timbouctou, threatening to attack the city too: they wanted to protest against the installation of Taoudeni regional president Hamoudi Sidi Ahmed, a native from the village of Araouane.

Yemen's army continues targeting Saudi military sites, its mercenaries

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Military sites of the Saudi enemy, its gatherings and its Saudi-paid mercenaries were targeted by the army and popular forces and 3 saudi soldiers were killed when the army hit their military vehicle. Sumod rocked was launched on Saudi gatherings at Rajla military camp in Najran and the artillery pounded many other sites. Moreover two saudi soldiers were shot dead by the sniper unit of the army and popular forces in Aleb border, two others were killed in Aser and two others were shot dead at al-Dukhan site. The army and popular forces also repulsed an attempt of the Saudi-paid mercenaries to move towards Yam Mount and during this attempt many mercenaries were killed or injured. Other 5 Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed in Nehm district and when the army and popular forces targeted Mocha district in Taiz province dozens of mercenaries were killed.


Dissatisfied army elements and Imran Khan wanted to destroy the Parliament

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MULTAN – Senior politician and ex-PTI leader Javed Hashmi said that during the dharna movement in 2014, “Disgruntled elements in the army wanted to make Raheel Sharif unsuccessful at any cost, and through Imran Khan, they wanted to destroy the Parliament. A frustrated Imran Khan, because he didn’t get votes.” Imran accused the veteran politician of lying. “What response can I give to Hashmi’s jhoot plus?” he asked. Hashmi alleged that members asked if there had been rigging in Punjab during the election. “The parliamentary leader was Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Presiding over the parliamentary leaders, he said that there had been no rigging in Punjab. At most, in one or two constituencies,” Hashmi claimed.

Over 40% of Eastern Aleppo has been freed from terrorists by Syrian government army

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On Monday, Russian center of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, affirmed that more that 40% of Eastern Aleppo’s district have been liberated from terrorists by the Syrian governments army. According to the center, more that 80000 people live in the liberated district and more than 5000 civilians fled terrorists-controlled southern districts of Eastern Aleppo to find shelter in government-controlled district. Early in the day, the Russian reconciliation center said that Syrian government troops have regained control over 12 quarters in eastern Aleppo .

Army and popular forces attacked Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran and Asir.

The missile and artillery units of the army and popular forces fired on gatherings and sites of Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran and Asir provinces. In Jizan, the missile forces fired on the the posts where Saudi soldiers were gathering in Jalah military center, burning the posts. The same happened in Najran where the rocketry units fired missiles on military posts in al-Sudays, hitting the targets directly.  In Asir, the artillery units bombarded the Saudi groups of soldiers in Kamahat al-Sheihk military sites.

20 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces

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Israeli forces detained at least 20 Palestinians, including three minors, during overnight raids on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning throughout the occupied West Bank. Israeli forces conduct night raids across the occupied Palestinian territory on a near-daily basis. According to UN documentation, the Israeli army carried out 185 military detention raids over the past two weeks. In the West Bank’s Jerusalem district, Israeli forces detained six Palestinians in the neighborhood of Hizma, including two minors, whom the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

Two Boko Haram men suspected of procuring drugs for libido enhacement shot by troops

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Nigerian troops fighting the terrorist Boko Haram group in the north-east state of Borno on Sunday intercepted two suspected members of the sect believed to be on a mission to procure drugs for libido enhancement, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses. A military insider told the two men were intercepted by men of the 112 Task Force Battalion as they tried to cross from Anadawa village to Minari on motorcycle. The troops, who mounted a roadblock at Kasasewa village, trailed the suspected terrorists to Anadawa and quickly opened fire on them after realising they were fully armed.

Nigerian Army wounded 5 and killed 7 Boko Haram soldiers

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Seven Boko Haram insurgents were killed while several others wounded yesterday evening during an encounter with troops of 119 Battalion Group of 8 Division of the Nigerian Army deployed in Kangarwa, one of the villages in the hinterland of northern Borno. A statement on Sunday from the director army public relations officer, Col Sani Usman, said the insurgents who had earlier on Tuesday attacked an isolated village in Dasa, were fiercely engaged by the troops forcing them to hastily retreat in disarray after sustaining casualties.
Five soldiers who sustained injuries during the offensive have been evacuated and are currently receiving treatment in the hospital. Troops are still on aggressive pursuit of the fleeing insurgents.

Lebanese authorities are building a wall to isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

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The Lebanese authorities have installed the first blocks of a wall that will isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, named Ein Al-Hilweh. The camp, which is located southeast of Sidon city, is overcrowded with 80,000 refugees. The wall sparked anger within the Palestinians and the refugee communities, calling it the “Apartheid Wall” and “the wall of shame,” saying it will turn the camp into a big prison, and compared it to Israeli apartheid wall in the occupied Palestinian territories. Authorities in Lebanon maintain of the security watchtower will enable the army to better control the camp amid claims that militants seek refugee there.

Terrorist arrested by National Guard

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A takfiri was arrested by National Guard units on Friday in Zaafrane (Kebili governorate). He was in possession of a manual of homemade bombs downloaded in his phone. The individual, wanted for belonging to a terrorist organization, was planning a terrorist attack on members of the National Guard and the Army, an Interior Ministry press release read.

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