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Italian activist Wounded in Kurdistan

Alessandro De Ponti, Italian activist , wounded by border police while trying to cross from Turkey to Syria was party to Treviglio with the idea of ​​supporting the resistance of the Kurdish Peshmerga as cooperating.

Our sources on site, near the Kurdish government,  deny there was no link with the young, and says that “no one knows him, has done everything from himself like a man who does not know who is in the middle of war”

It is not clear then what were the real intentions of the young ‘Italian activist who was detained by Kurdish authorities in Erbil that are proceeding to investigate this matter.

The case emphasizes the importance of greater attention to the verification of the foreign assets of the various voluntary and that are certified for operation in hazardous areas and in some way they can guarantee the safety of its operators certificandosi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with specific training courses.

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