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Taliban group confirmed death of its leader Mullah Abdul Salam in Kunduz province

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Taliban group confirmed death of its leader Mullah Abdul Salam in Kunduz province. The officials are saying that Mullah Abdul Salam had a key role in the collapse of Kunduz city besides he plotted numerous other attacks in this province. Taliban launched numerous attacks on Kunduz city since they announced their spring offensive earlier last year. There are conflicting news about Death of the leader; some officials says that Mullah Abdul Salam is been killed in a airstrikes led by USA, while Others says that he is been killed during a special operation conducted by the Afghan forces.

50 Daesh militants killed in Nangarhar operations

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Local officials in Nangarhar have claimed that during the operation more than 50 Daesh militants which included Pakistani Nationals were killed in Kot-Haskamina districts of Nangarhar in the past seven days. Governor of Nangarhar province Mohammad GulabMangal said, “ Daesh militants are not only coming from Pakistan, but they are being supported logistically and Financially by the Pakistan Government and receive military equipment”.

NATO is firmly committed to its resolute support mission in Afghanistan

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said the alliance is firmly committed to its Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. He said “We are firmly committed to our Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and the heads of state and government made last year a decision to continue our military presence in Afghanistan, to continue to provide funding for the Afghan National Army and Security Forces and to develop the political partnership with Afghanistan.

Mosca will call a meeting with regional powers to resolve the afghan conflict

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Russia has affirmed that Mosca will call a meeting with regional powers to risolve the afghan conflict and pushing to include Taliban in dialogue. Russian Minister of the Interior, Sergej Lavrov, has confirmed on 7 febbraio to the Afghan Minister of the Interior, Salahuddin Rabbani, that Mosca will host a conference to risolve the Afghan crisi. At this conference will take parte Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iran e India. This meeting don’t concern the partecipation of the NATO powers who have Always had troops in te afghan territory since american invasion in 2001.

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