UNICEF: Yemeni children are on the brink of starvation, urged the necessity of vaccinations

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The UNICEF Resident Representative MaritxellRelano said in a press conference held at UNICEF’s headquarter that a large segment of Yemeni children are suffering famine due to malnutrition, which increases also the risk of infections and she added that many children were died in the past two years because of preventable diseases. Moreover due to the arm conflict the number of dead children is exceeding and the UNICEF Resident Representative urged the necessity of vaccinations, such as the one against polio that UNICEF and its partners are doing to children under the age of five, for children across Yemen to save their lives. In fine MeritxellRelano said that UNICEF exerted efforts to reach Mocha city via Hodeida province road or Aden province road.

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