MIBIL, Italian soldiers began the second training for Lebanese Armed Forces

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Italian soldiers have just started in southern Lebanon the new phase of training and consultancy for the local Armed Forces, who need support to face the safety and security emergency triggered by Syrian conflict. Based on the excellent results obtained by the National Training Center since March 2015, starts now the second round of training in techniques of crowd management and riot control organized by the Italian Police Training Centre of the 2nd Mobile Brigade and by the 7th Trentino Alto Adige Regiment. This course is included in the activities of the Bilateral Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL), launched on 28 January as part of the International “Support Group for Lebanon”, created to attract the international community’s commitment in the stability of the country, threatened by serious social and economic problems. During four weeks italian instructors will coach the staff of local militias who have already attended the first course of civil and military cooperation, chemical and bacteriological detecting, radiological and nuclear detecting, counter-sniper tactics, Force Protection (how to protect a military base, operational functions planning, interventions and risk assessment), operational communication, consolidation of facilities and medical first aid on the battlefield. New lessons’ focus concerns the fundamental principles of humanitarian law and crowd psychology theory, and also the use of the military equipment provided by the Italian Police General Command (shields, personal protection, tonfa, gas masks). A final test will determine whether or not Lebanese soldiers are able to transfer to other military the necessary know-how to manage public disorder, and to teach rules for organized and coordinated team working. In coming months the training cycle will be enriched by new courses, expressly requested by the Lebanese Military Authority, including fighting in the mountain environment, demolition of explosive, surveillance of the battlefield and targets acquisition, as well as specific analyzes of subject matters covered during the first part of the year.

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