Central Africa Republic : At Bangui the Italian Alpini help the city to start again

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Sappers Alpini EUFOR RCA continue their work supporting completing two major infrastructure projects essential to the restoration of normalcy in the city.

In a week the Italian operators have restored the road surface of the road leading to the bridge of the Unit, the structure built by the Italian military in collaboration with other European nations opened a month ago – thus completing the project, which has met three quarters divided by the conflict .

The second project carried out by the engineers was the restructuring of the 5th district of Bangui, placing the access routes, the roof and the fence of the health care facility that serves one of the most populous city. The project was conducted in collaboration with the quotas of France and Finland of the European mission in Central Africa.

These activities are carried out with the aim to restore normality and legality in increasingly large areas of the capital, returning citizens streets and neighborhoods that the conflict between the Christian militias extraction and those filoislamiche had stolen them.

In the Central African Republic the conflict in 2013 resulting from a severe political crisis that led to the civil war has caused thousands of deaths and a total of one million displaced people, a quarter of the population.

In this context the mission EURFOR to French command is attempting to maintain peace between the parties to a political solution to the crisis.

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