Isis the conquest of Libya

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When speaking of the Caliphate immediately think to Syria and Iraq while the advanze of  ISIS’s Kalashnikov and black flags is much closer to the Italian and European coasts.

From Davos Finance Minister of Finance and Petroleum’s weak  transitional government of Libya, Ali Tarhouni, warns, formations Islamist Isis are advancing on the coast of the country.

Now without control of the territory and no army Libya falls prey to militias who claim to belong to the caliphate and after conquering Derna and Benghazi region are expanding to Tunisia occupying Sirte, Misurata and finally Sabrata.

Just from the beaches between Sabrata , Zuara and the border with Tunisia depart migrants who then arrive on Italian shores thanks to the total lack of law enforcement and control.

Most of the boats that depart from these places then asks help via telephone to the Italian coast guard, thousands of migrants rescued in recent months in the narrow strait that separates Sicily from the Libyan coast.

In this context, the danger of infiltration of fighters ISIS among migrants are very high and in this sense the new bills that will be presented to the Italian government by Senator Marco Minniti should try to reduce the phenomenon.

The minister Tarhouni in  his speech says that both Europe and Italy are underestimating what happens in Libya, the advance of terrorists aiming to conquer the oil resources of the region as it did in Syria and Iraq jeopardizing the ‘regional and international economy.

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