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FM Sharaf Abdullah meets Representative of the International Organization for Migration official in Yemen

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During the meeting between Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdullah and the Resident Representative of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Laurent De Boeck , the two discussed the war crimes committed by the saudi aggression warplanes in targeting Somali refugees and immigrants off Hodeida coast. The Minister condemned the war crime as a violation of the international humanitarian laws and stressed that the National Salvation Government is providing health care to the Somali injured survivors. In fine the IOM expressed appreciation to the support provided by the National Salvation Government to the organization.

Yemeni governorates targeted by Saudi aggression warplanes

US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes launched a series of air strikes against several Yemeni governorates overnight, causing strong damages to residents’ properties and their farms, officials told Saba on Tuesday. In Taiz, the air strikes hit al-Wazieyah district and the Red Sea port city of Mocha. In Mahweet, the air raids bombed Macsam bridge in al-Ahjor district, totally destroying it. In Sanaa governorate, the aggression fighter jets targeted Nihm district three times and waged six air strikes and destroyed a family park in al-Hayma al–Kharijyah district west of the capital Sanaa. Other attacks were in Marib; in Saada and in Al-Hodeida for three times.

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