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Eu: “No military mission in Ukraine”

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Setting Ukraine entry in European Union in Kiev summit beteween Donald Tusk and Petro Poroshenko.

“We are only thinking about civilian mission, not military”. As European Council President Donald Tusk replied to Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, after he asked European Union an army operation to fight pro-Russians rebels in Donbass. In Kiev summit, Poroshenko said also that Ukraine could reach “necessary requirement to access to Eu in five years”.

About the Eu entry, Ukraine Prime Minister Arsenij Yatseniuk told on La Repubblica in 21st April that “it caused Putin and rebels attack in Donbass. Our civil war costed 1800 soldiers and 6000 civilians killed from 2014. Moreover, the ceasefire is not respected by separatist, who are following to use weapons and fire”, he ended. On the other hand, three pro-Russian journalists are killed in Kiev last week: Oles Buzina, Sergej Sukhobok and Oleg Kalashnikov. While Vladimir Putin told of “political assassination”, several Ukrainian big names unbelievably celebrated them.

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