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Congo: the Bruno Tshibala nominee pushes the country in the crisis

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The Bruno Tshibala nomination as a Prime Minister does not find the consent of many european parthner : the European Union observes the lack of consensus which surrounded his naming. For Brussels Kinshasa should appoint proper election by the end of the year. Kinshasa seems to isolates itself more and more, far from solving the problem the Bruno Tshibala nominee pushes the country in the crisis. It is made clear by the demonstration of the Opposition which create a paralysis of the city of Kinshasa yesterday morning. This was the official declaration by the European Union: The European Union (EU) takes note of the speech of President Kabila of April 5th on the state of the Nation, followed by the name of a new Prime Minister, contrary literally and to the spirit of the Agreement of December 31st, 2016. The UE observes the lack of consensus on this naming and marks its big concern on this matter. The restoring of a wide national consensus for a government appointed for elections before the end of the year is at the heart of said Agreement. In this respect, the EU supports the new resolution 2348 which the United Nations Security Council has just adopted unanimously, who asks RDC to set immediately the Agreement of December 31st, 2016, honestly and in its entirety.

Bruno Tshibala declared he will follow the Saint Sylvester agreement

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For the first time since he has been nominated, Bruno Tshibala (Prime Minister) had a meeting with the Congolase President Joseph Kabilia, in order to fix the priorities of the new government of transition. Bruno Tshibala declared he will follow the Saint Sylvester agreement, asking to UDPS party to substain him during his mandate, saying that he will do whataver is in his power to accomplish the agreement, which was about: the organization of the elections in the fixed terms, the control of macroeconomic frame, the restauration of the State in the critic areas. The mission of this government has been drown with the contribute of the Interdiocesan Centre too, during discussions led under the aegis of the bishops. 53 will be the members of Tshibala’s government, 39 ministers and 14 fice ministers, and for this reason he will have to consult all the parties, according to Saint Sylvestre agreement.

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