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Catania’s prosecutor: check NGOs for any links with the smugglers

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Italy is looking more closely at the role of privately-funded rescue operations that have been plucking migrants from the seas off Libya and into the possibility that there may be collusion between smugglers and some of the rescuers. A Sicilian prosecutor has told the news agency AFP that the cost and sophistication of the rescue operations had attracted attention. “There is an abnormal proliferation of NGOs [Non-Government Organisations] operating “ said Carmelo Zuccaro, Catania’s prosecutor, “I’m not talking about the big, prestigious organisations, but all the small ones that seem to have sophisticated hardware, such as drones” Zuccaro said that in 2013 his office had begun its own monitoring of migrant trafficking. Because of their expensive equipment and its interest in their sources of funding, it had now started to check NGOs for any links with the smugglers. It seems clear that the European border security force Frontex has been watching the movement of rescue vessels just as it has been seeking to monitor the trafficking gangs that have been launching migrants from the coast of western Libya. Such observation will have included the interception of radio traffic.

Libya: yes to national unity government

Bernardino Leon has announced Libya national unity government. The agreement, reached in the late evening of Thursday 8 October in Morocco, has been signed by all factions, including Tripoli, which has approved draft endorsed by other parties last September. The UN envoy has also named Prime Minister Fayez Serray, former member of Tripoli parliament.

“More work remains. Negotiators who attended the peace talks representing the rival governments approved the names of candidates, but the parliaments for both sides must approve them, too. The U.N. says an estimated 2.44 million people in Libya are in need of protection and some form of humanitarian aid, “ Leon said.

After about a year of difficult talks, Leon, at the end of his assignment in Libya, has also aexplained that Tobruk and Tripoli will have to choose the future Cabinet. While the United Nations has already named three vice presidents who will compose, together with Prime Minister, the presidential council.

Moussa Kony, independent and coming from Fezzan. Maemq Ahmed, a member of the General National Congress of Tripoli. Fatj Majbari, coming from Cyrenaica but not belonging to General Haftar army.

The international community has welcomed this deal. Now, after new government composition, a military intervention, under the aegis of the United Nations and maybe led by Italy, could be begin against Daesh: We now expect the Libyan parties to endorse this deal which meets the aspirations of the Libyan people, to take the path of peace and prLiosperity. The European Union stands ready to offer immediate substantial political and financial support – worth 100million euros – to the new government, “ the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini remarked.

While Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has pushed Tobruk and Tripoli “not to squander this opportunity to put the country back on the path to building a state that reflects the spirit and ambitions of the 2011 revolution”.

As Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, who expressed “satisfaction with the results achieved over night by the Libyan delegations. This is an important step toward the much hoped for establishment of a national unity government. It is now essential that all the parties concerned approve the agreement and proceed to signing it”, the minister said. “In acknowledgement of the unceasing efforts of UN envoy Bernardino Leon – the minister concluded – Italy will continue to lend its support to the next stages in attaining peace and stability in Libya”.

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