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Three terrorists in Tamanrasset

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on 27th may, Armed forces arrested three terrorists in Tamanrasset. During the operation, militaries sized a Kalashnikov, a semi-auto rifle Simonov and a lot of ammunitions. During another operation in the in the south of the Country, army discovered many weapons and ammunitions, a machinegun, two Kalashnikov, a rifle MAS-36, one grenade and a lot of ammunitions. The Defense ministry said that this operations, conducted near the borders, have the aim of protect Algeria and its borders. He then remembered that last week army killed dangerous terrorists, and sized many weapons, including mines, and eleven bunkers.


Sudan imposes visa entry on Egyptians to avoid terrorist

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Terrorist attacks in Egypt have consequences at the international relations level. The Sudanese foreign minister explained that the country’s decision to require Egyptians to obtain entry visas for travelling to Sudan is aimed at avoiding terrorists from entering the country. The measure, will concern only men from 18 to 50, so women can still travel without visa from Egypt to Sudan. Its a reduction to an agreement signed in 2004, which permitted to Egyptian to travel without visa to Sudan.

Palestian terrorist killed in Binyamin region in ramming attack

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Today was killing a Palestian terrorist. A man in his 20s was killed on Thursday in a terrorist ramming attack at the entrance to the settlement of Ofra in the Binyamin region. Another young man sustained minor injuries in the attack. The terrorist, who sped up and ran over the two men at a designated hitchhiking stop, ultimately crashed into the concrete structure. He then tried to flee but was shot and wounded and subsequently apprehended by Israeli security forces. The death brings to 39 the number of Israelis killed in a wave of Palestinian street attacks, in which two American tourists also died, since October 2015.Five days ago, Israeli border police officers shot dead a Palestinian terrorist after he stabbed three Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Iran creates cultural front against Terrorist groups

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Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri said that Iran has created a cultural front against Terrorists like Takfiri groups in the Middle East. Amiri stressed on the need for developing cooperation between Tehran and Algiers. “Both countries have ideological and religious commonalities and they are able to take big steps in the Middle East and North Africa”, he said. He added cultural and art relations between the two countries are strong saying that Iran and Algeria have established good relations in sanitary, industrial, and agricultural fields. Salehi-Amiri left Iran for Algeria and Tunisia on Monday to sign documents on cultural and art cooperation.

Israel Defence Forces thwarts security incident on Israel-Gaza border: terrorist killed

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The Israel Defense Forces foiled a security incident on the Israel-Gaza Strip border in the early hours of Wednesday morning. One terrorist was killed and two others were wounded in the incident, one of this have only eighteen years old. We know that IDF troops on routine patrol along the border detected suspicious movement on its eastern part, near Rafah. The Palestinian news agency Maan said that the local residents reported hearing gunshots and sounds of explosions, adding Israeli Air Force aircraft were heard flying over the border.

Two soldiers and 5 militants killed during operation in Orakzai Agency

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At least five militants were killed and two soldiers martyred on Wednesday during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) conducted by Frontier Corps (FC) in OrakzaiAgency. A high-profile militant identified as Durran was also killed in the operation. He was involved in a number of terrorist activities and was sent from Afghanistan with the task to target a Nauroz procession in the agency and individuals who surrendered to security forces, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

Hezballah denounces Damascus explosion, calls to unify efforts to get rid of terrorism gangs

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Hezballah condemned in a statement issued on Saturday “the brutal crime against the innocent persons near Damascus this morning, which killed dozens and injured more than a hundred of visitors to the holy shrines”. The statement called to unify efforts to get rid of those terrorist gangs that are used by International and regional forces to carry out savage projects which aim to crumble the region and kill the resistance spirit in it. The statement concluded by paying condolences to the families of the victims, wishing quick recovery to the injured persons.

Terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul: 49 victims

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The victims in the terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul rises to 49. Salim Rassouli, director of Kabul hospitals has confirmed this statements. Gunmen went through the 400 bed, shooting doctors, patients and visitors. The attack on Afghanistan’s largest military hospital, close to the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, underlined warnings from security officials of an increase in high profile attacks in Kabul this year. Survivors have said that it was been difficult understand what happened but then they have seen people with Ak-47 and bombs.

Nigerian and Cameroonian troops have carried out operation to weed out Boko Haram terrorists

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Nigerian and Cameroonian troops have carried out another joint operation to weed out Boko Haram terrorists along Nigeria and Cameroon border. Durign the two days joint operation (led by Col Dourai and Lt Col Mohaman of the Cameroonian Defence Forces) troops of the two countries cleared Siyara, Kote, Sigawa and proceeded to Bulabundibe towns. While conducting the operation the troops came in contact with Boko Haram terrorists and neutralised many of them, apprehended two others, while many others escaped with gunshot wounds. The Troops recovered seven Dane guns, five Boko Haram terrorists’ flags, four vehicle tyres,two motorcycles and vehicle spare parts. At the conclusion of the clearance operation, the team leader, Col Dourai, stated that the operation was carried out to secure both countries’ borders from the menace of the Boko Haram terrorists.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry calls US Human Rights report "unacceptable", that doesn't mention the role of FETO and PKK

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Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday that the 2016 Human Rights report on Turkey, which was released Friday by the U.S. Department of State, included “unacceptable claims and inaccurate descriptions”. “It is noteworthy that the report does not mention at all the role of Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) in the July 15 coup attempt and the presence of FETO leaders in the U.S.”, a statement read. Led by U.S.-based FetullahGulen and his terrorist group FETO, last year’s failed coup left at least 248 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured. The report refers to the terrorist group as “the Gulen movement”. “The [Turkish] government ascribed responsibility for the attempt to the FethullahGulen movement, which it defined as a terrorist organization”, the report read. The Foreign Ministry also criticized the report’s description of the fight against PKK terrorist organization as “a conflict between the government and PKK members”, saying this description was “totally unacceptable”. “At a time when we are facing unprecedented terror threats against the existence of our state and nation, the inaccurate reflection of our reasonable fight against FETO, PKK, [far-left] DHKP-C, and Daeshhas left us deeply disappointed” the ministry said, adding the report was not based on objectivity. It added that Turkey would continue its fight against terrorism, and to work towards further enhancing fundamental rights and freedoms. Turkey has been fighting terrorist organizations on multiple fronts whether at home (FETO, PKK) or abroad, in Syria and Iraq (Daesh and PKK allies).


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