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The Yemeni army was involved in violent clashes with Houthi rebels and Saleh militias

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The Yemeni army was involved in violent clashes with Houthi rebels and Saleh militias inside the strategic Khalid bin Walid camp in Taiz. The army was reinforced by artillery and missiles cover and was also supported by Arab coalition aircrafts and warships near the port of Al-Mokha. Moreover the coalition forces intensified raids targeting militia hubs and gatherings in the north of Hodeida and in the south-east of Midi, where they killed many Houthi and Sleh militiamen. In fine several Houthi militias fled towards the south after these attaccks.

Houthis threaten to send former defense minister to Iran.

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According to Sheikh Rashad al-Otari, a Yemeni tribal leader, Houthi leaders said they will send former Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Subaihi to Iran if the legitimate government does not discuss the demands to release him and others. For that reason Otari called for immediate action and reminded the efforts he made to activate negotiations regarding these figures held by the Houthis, such as Nasser Mansour Hadi, the Yemeni’s President brother, and a military commander. Meanwhile the Arab coalition air force destroyed a warehouse for Houthi militias and forces loyal to former President Saleh north of Saada and in confrontation between the army and militias 7 militiamen dead and 17 others were injured west of Taiz.

Saudi aggression warplanes continue heinous strikes against civilians

Airstrikes on several provinces by the Saudi-led coalition continue. In Hodeida 3 people were killed in Saudi air raid and in Hjjah province the saudi aggression warplanes launched 18 air strikes, damaging public and private properties. In Mokha district in the province of Taiz 6 members of a family were killed by a Saudi air strikes on ther house. There were also used cluster bombs in Mareb province and 3 citizens were killed and 4 wounded in a Saudi air strike in Baqam district of Sa’ada province.

Protect Yemen civilians is one of the top priorities for the Saudi-led coalition

Protect Yemen civilians is one of the top priorities for the Saudi-led coalition. The coalition forces have an interest in restoring legitimacy in Yemen and show concern for the lives of civilians and for humanitarian rights. The coalition is constantly working with UN organizations and International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to support humanitarian effrots. There is also an independent team which is working to develop investigation procedures on accidents and incidents and provides reports about each incident. The coalition is trying to evacuate civilians in conflict areas before launching airstrikes on hiding places of Houthis and other rebels but Houthis are using civilians as human shields and deliberately hid fighters and weapons near civilians in al-Mokha and Taiz to avoid being attacked, evenf if in violation of international humanitarian law.

Civilians striked again by the saudi aggression warplanes

Civilians are under attack by the saudi aggression warplanes in several governorates. Four rides were waged on Sa’ada district and two others on Kutaf district. Saudi aggression artillery also shelled al-Shiekh area in Sa’ada province. Two airstrikes were launched to Hodeida’s Airport and sea port while in Taiz province the warplanes hit al-Waza’eih district three times. Fighter jets launched 11 strikes in Hajja province, 5 airstrikes in Mareb province and four raids on Najran province.

185 violations by Houthi militias during 48-hours truce

A shaky 48-hour truce has seen at least 185 violations committed by Houthi militias, mostly in the beseiged city of Taiz. The truce which began mid-day on Saturday aimed at getting humanitarian assistance to several areas at the request of Yemen’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi. Saturday’s truce, the third announced this year, could be extended if the Iran-aligned Houthi movement shows commitment to abide by it and if the group allows humanitarian aid into areas under siege. Six attempts to clinch a ceasefire in Yemen have foundered, including a three-day October truce that fell apart as soon as it went into force.

Voluntary mobilization to front lines declared by Yemen tribes

Yemen tribes declared on Saturday voluntary mobilization to front lines to reinforce the national army and popular forces in confronting US-Saudi aggression coalition war and their mercenaries. The tribes also rose a lot of money to support the national troops and fighters of the national army and popular forces. Meanwhile, in Taiz, the warplanes from the US-backed Saudi aggression coalition launched five raids on the neighborhood of Sala Alskani in an attempt to support the advance of Saudi-American aggression mercenaries, but the raids led to the destruction of dozens of homes partially and totally.

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