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Lebanon's inability to agree on a number of issues that guarantee a smooth political activity

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In light of Lebanon’s inability to agree on a number of issues that guarantee a smooth political activity after the election of President Michel Aoun, reports said that Gulf and International countries are dissatisfied with Lebanon’s policy mainly with regard to international resolutions, decisions related to the Syrian regime and positions related to Hizbullah and its arms, media reports said on Tuesday. The Gulf and International disappointment came in parallel with three “negative indicators”: failure of political parties to agree on a new law for the upcoming parliamentary elections, emergence of a new hurdle that could hamper the approval of the 2017 state budget after a 12-year delay, and finally a failed cabinet session dedicated to address the budget file that was called off on Monday over lack of quorum. According to information obtained by the daily, Gulf and International disappointment will unfold in the next few days through diplomatic activity towards Lebanese officials, and in the semi-annual Security Council statement on Lebanon and the extent it respected international resolutions, especially resolution 1701.


Zeidan theory: Syrian regime supported by Russia wants to destroy the educational system

A Syrian teacher, Wafa Mohammed Ali Zeidan, during an interview with Al Jazeera journalists have hypothesized that the Syrian regime with the support of Russia has in mind to destroy the educational system with the air attacks. The Zeidan theory is supported by the major humanitarian organizations but is clearly refused by both the Damascus government and Russia.

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