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Turkey hopes Russia will not use its right to veto on a potential resolution UN Council bid on Syrian gas attack

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Turkey has expressed hopes that Russia will not use its right to veto on a potential resolution at the United Nations Security Council following a deadly gas attack, allegedly conducted by the Syrian army, around Idlib that killed around 100 civilians. “I hope the Russians won’t veto decisions taken by the U.N. Security Council”, Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman Numan Kurtulmuş told a TV channel in the Black Sea province of Ordu late on April 4. He added that he hoped the Security Council would take effective action this time.

Over 200 militants have agreed to use the syrian president's offer of amnesty and to lay down arms

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Over 200 members of an armed opposition from the al-Waer district in Homs, Syria, agreed to use the president’s offer of amnesty and to lay down arms, local media reported Monday. the governor of Homs province reportedly said that the Syrian Armed Forces opened an additional passage from Homs for civilians who would like to leave the town with the armed opposition and refuted the rumors that civilians had been forced to leave the district of al-Waer. On Saturday, the governor said that the first group of militants and their relatives to leave the al-Waer district, made up a total of 300 militants and 1,065 civilians.

UN human rights described the Syrian conflict: worst man-made disaster since World War II

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The UN’s human rights chief has described the Syrian conflict as the “worst man-made disaster since World War II,” citing widespread torture and a “tidal wave of bloodshed and atrocity.” “Today, in a sense the entire country has become a torture chamber: a place of savage horror and absolute injustice”, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ZeidRa’ad al-Hussein said in a statement on March 14. He called for the release of tens of thousands of prisoners being held by the warring sides in Syria and said that bringing the perpetrators of crimes, including torture, to justice was necessary for reaching a lasting peace. Zeid also said efforts to end “this senseless carnage” had been repeatedly vetoed, an apparent reference to Russia and China’s steps to protect President Bashar al-Assad by blocking Western-backed UN Security Council resolutions.

Syrian army has two-thirds of East Aleppo

Syrian rebels on Monday ruled out a pullout from east Aleppo, despite sweeping advances by pro-government units. The Syrian army has now seized two-thirds of east Aleppo and continued to advance on Monday, pounding remaining territory held by anti-goverrnment forces. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow would hold talks with Washington this week on a timeframe for the withdrawal of all rebels from Aleppo. Both officials said rebels remained willing to approve a UN plan for the entry of humanitarian aid into the east, which has been besieged by government forces since mid-July. The assault has raised an international outcry and the UN Security Council was due to vote later Monday on a draft resolution – drawn up by Egypt, New Zealand and Spain – for a seven-day ceasefire in the city and humanitarian access to residents trapped by the fighting. But Lavrov appeared to torpedo that move, suggesting Moscow might use its veto to block the resolution.”The draft resolution… is, for the most part, a provocative step that undermines Russian-American efforts,” he told a press conference.

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