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Soldiers repel attack on Borno village, accuse residents of conniving with Boko Haram

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On wednesday a douzens of Boko Haram terrorists did try to attack for the first time Magumari village, 52 kilometres away from Maiduguri, Borno State capital. Nigerian soldiers had repelles what could have tourned into a massacre. The wednesday attack came right after Boko Haram terrorists released a video in which armed men execute three man accused of spying them. The mission in the village was to kill everyone, but soldiers managed to avoid the tragedy fiting off the insurgents. Mr Usman ( Nigerian army’s spokesman) said that residents of the village must have helped the attackers, claiming that it wouldn’t have been possible in any other ways. Moreover, most of the killed Boko Haram fighters were faces known to many members of the agrarian community. “It is imperative that all communities in the North East especially Borno State, should fully cooperate with the military and the Security agencies by exposing Boko Haram terrorists in their respective towns and villages”, Sani Usman added.

Nigeria: financial crisis and the Boko Haram return

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President Buhari talked about millions of dollars in debt. Meanwhile, army is losing ground in the State of Borno and jihadists have come back.

Nigeria is close to bankruptcy. The economic crisis of the past few months, due to oil prices collapse, is bringing the African country on its knees. The treasury is “virtually empty and this is a misfortune,” president Buhari said in front of reporters. “Nigeria has millions of dollars in debt: public employees and even federal employees are not perceiving their wages,” he reiterated.

Re-elected against the outgoing head of state Goodluck, Buhari is facing a country destabilized by terrorism. If in February the army had managed to regain Maiduguri, capital of Borno State, now the Boko Haram militants fought back. And violence in the northeast of Nigeria has returned to alarming levels.

In fact, only a few hours ago, two girls blew themselves up near a mosque in Maiduguri, crowded timetable of prayer, causing 30 killed and several wounded. In Ongs point of view, Boko Haram’s troops often uses the hundreds of women and girls abducted in the last year in these suicide bombings, even against their will.

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