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Protester dies during clashes over Paraguay re-election

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A protester was killed in Paraguay after a secret Senate vote for a constitutional amendment that would allow President Horacio Cartes to run for re-election sparked violent clashes and the country’s Congress was stormed and set alight. Rodrigo Quintana, 25, was killed by a rubber bullet fired by police in the headquarters of the liberal youth activist group, the Paraguayan opposition said. On Saturday activists were arriving in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion from the landlocked country’s interior in a sign the violent protests that resulted in a fire in the first floor of Congress on Friday could continue. Cartes called for calm and a rejection of violence in a statement released on Twitter. He promised the government would do its best to maintain order.

Fire at a Guatemala children's shelter, Death toll rises to 39

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The number of girls who died after a fire at a Guatemala children’s shelter rose to 39 on Saturday, with several still in critical condition after one of the country’s worst tragedies in recent years. The case has been a scandal in Guatemala, especially after it emerged that the girls had been locked in a classroom after an escape attempt at the home. The girls set mattresses on fire to try to call someone’s attention.

UN Commissioner for Human Rights requested release of "political prisoners" in Venezuela

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ra’adZeid al Hussein, requested the release of all political prisoners held by the Venezuelan government, in fact, Hussein said that he continues to receive reports about arbitrary arrests and intimidation directed against the oppositions leaders by the central government. Hussein said he was also deeply concerned about the serious deficiencies in the field of human rights, that would be one of the causes of mass emigration that Venezuela recently suffering.

US estimated that the review of NAFTA will begin later this year

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During an interview with Bloomberg Secretary to American trade, Wilbur Ross, has suggested that the negotiations for the modification of NAFTA could last about a year and has already begun the first contacts with the representatives of Mexico and Canada. Ross said the Trump administration does not intend to overturn the NAFTA against  Mexico, but only wants to change some aspects of the Trade to make a way that some part of the jobs losted due to NAFTA will return in the USA. The amendment to the NAFTA does not like at some of US lawmakers, especially those of the states on the border with Mexico, who fear a decline of the local economy.

Maduro announced reactivation of legal and financial support to migrants in the US

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During the celebrations for the 4th anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez, President Maduro announced that the Venezuelan government will reactivate the legal and financial support fund for Latin American and Caribbean immigrants in the United States, at the same time announced, together with the President of Bolivia Morales, that the next Secretary of the ‘Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas will be David Choquehuanca, former Foreign Minister of Bolivia.

Inpec transfers to the first five FARC guerrillas

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Today will be transferred from various prisons in the country at the security zone the first five FARC guerrillas who will face the trial in front of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace to see recognized his right of amnesty , the operation will be carried out by 20 men of the Institute of the National penitentiary. Once entered in the safety zones 5 rebels can move from this, they will also travel in the country at the condition of not leave it. According to reliable sources 2 of 5 guerrillas will move in the Gaitania safety zone.

Venezuela, El Aissami: Extreme poverty was reduced from 10.8% in 1998 to 4.4% in 2016

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Vice President Tareck El Aissami presented data about the social sector in 2016 in front of the Supreme Court of Justice. According to El Aissami, the poverty rate fell to 4.4%, in 1998 it was 10.8%, also thanks to the Bolivarian governments now 90% of Venezuelans are entitled to a pension, even the rate of university enrollment has increased in recent 20 years of 240%, regarding the food sector the CLAP have distributed 900,000 tons of food, from the ’99 wage increases have been 35.

The latest proposal of the Department for the US National Security: separate families who try to cross the border Mexican

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The latest proposal of the Department for the US National Security regarding the repatriation of Mexican illegal immigrants is to separate families who try to cross the border. This idea is due to the current American legislation does not allow the authorities to hold in custody for a long period, families with children, the new proposal provides for the repatriation of the parents and the custody of children to the Department of Health and Humanitarian Services.

Humberto de la Calle and Clara López are the presidential candidates most valued by the Colombian people

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Humberto de la Calle, former Vice President, and Clara López, the current Minister of Labour, are the presidential candidates most valued by the Colombian people, according to data provided by Gallup Company, both encounter the favor of the 49% of voters. The main problem is that ,compared to the data of December 2016, all the possible candidates have lost several favorable points among voters, such as López and de la Calle have lost the 5%, but de la Calle is the one with less negative reputation, only 22 % of the voters have a bad view of him,the negative reputation of López is in the order of 30%, the most hated candidate is the former Senator Piedad Córdoba, 66% of voters wouldn’t votefor her, the candidate who has the lost most in liking is the candidate of the urbistamovment, ÓscarIvánZuluaga, that meets the favor of 28% of voters, 13% less than in December.

Mesa de Unidad Democratica believes that the party renewal process organized by the National Electoral Council is a sham

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The opposition coalition, believes that the party renewal process as well as organized by the National Electoral Council is a sham, according to the spokesman of the MUD the National Electoral Council would develop a fraudulent and criminal system, in collaboration with the government, aiming to complicate as much as possible the process of renewal and make so it turns almost impossible to carry out regional and municipal elections. The thesis of the MUD is opposed by the government coalition, Gran Polo Patriotico, as they feel disadvantaged by the rules of the process so that the National Secretary of the Venezuelan Communist Party, Oscar Figuera, said that his party has resorted to Supreme Court of Justice to suspend the process of renewal because is contrary to the political parties and citizens rights.

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