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UNIFIL, Italy: new soccer field in Jinnata

Sustaining population, developing socio-cultural integration and fighting poverty. The construction of a soccer field in the Jinnata Lebanese municipality, near the city Tiro city, reflects these objectives.

The sport facility was completed by the Italian contingent operating in the UNIFIL Sector West, the Alpina Taurinense Brigade, and delivered to the population during a groundbreaking ceremony. The event was attended by numerous Lebanese authorities, including the “Quaemaquan” Tyre Jaffal Mohammed Ali, the president of Tiro municipality, Abed Al Mohsen al Houssayini and the mayor of the municipality.

Supervised by specialists of the Multinational CIMIC Group, the project was carried out thanks to the Italian funds allocated for the development of the civil and military cooperation. In accordance with the objectives established by Resolution 1701, to support and improve the living conditions of the southern Lebanon people, the Sector West commander has highlighted the importance of “confidence building”, the process of trust and transparency bulding based on mutual co-operation between all actors in south Lebanon.
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