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The refugees in a limbo: a year of "pact of shame" between Turkey and the EU.

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The current situation counts 60’000 refugees trapped in Greece, living in limbo without end and about nine hundred returned in Turkey from Greece, because of the “pact of shame” signed between Brussels and Ankara, which came into force a year ago and that President turkish Erdogan threatens to break. MSF warns: “The life of asylum seekers in the Greek islands remain at risk, with insufficient access to services and high risk of fires, riots and violence”. Amnesty International warns about the secrecy with which the Turkish government processes the returns on migrants, using the agreement as a weapon against European pressure, periodically threatening to “open borders”.

Human traffickers, 83 migrants caught on luxury yacht.

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The Turkish Coast Guard has captured 83 people trying to cross into Italy illegally from the Aegean resort town of Çeşme, in a U.S.-flagged luxury yacht. Some 82 of the smuggled migrants were Syrian. Three more people on board, all of whom were Ukrainians, were also detained on suspicion they were part of the crew. Gendarmerie forces also detained one Ukrainian, one Iraqi and two other people as suspected human traffickers. The migrants reportedly paid $5,500 per person to the human traffickers, the sources said.


2016 worst year yet for Syria's children

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At least 652 children were killed in Syria in 2016, making it the worst year yet for the country’s rising generation, the United Nations’ child relief agency said Monday. UNICEF said at least 255 children were killed in or near schools last year and 1.7 million youngsters are out of school. One of every three schools in Syria is unusable, some because militant groups occupy them. An additional 2.3 million Syrian children are refugees elsewhere in the Middle East.

Refugees from western Mosul exceed 76.000 since operations start

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Refugees have been received at government camps since the start of offensives to recapture western Mosul from Islamic State have exceeded 76.000, according to the Iraqi government. The United Nations and Iraqi refugee bodies have warned that battles in western Mosul could displace at least 250.000 out of 750.000 estimated to be trapped under IS control in western Mosul. Upon the launch of operations to recapture eastern Mosul last October, the United Nations predicted 1.5 million refugees.


Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Palestinian security forces

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On Thursday night a group of Palestinian youth shot live fire and locally made bombs at Palestinian security forces near the al-Faraa refugee camp in the occupied West Bank district of Tubas during a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s arbitrary detention of Palestinian youth in the refugee camp. While security forces attempted to open the closed street, two locally made bombs were thrown at them, prompting Palestinian forces to open fire in the air before chasing after the youth, security sources said.

13 Palestinians kidnapped during West Bank raids by IOF

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IOF on Tuesday overnight have kidnapped 13 Palestinians from cities all over the West Bank. The raids included heavy fire and teargas grenades in Askar refugee camp near Nablus, causing intense clashes. On the other hand, IOF arrested a Palestinian child near the Ibrahimi Mosque for allegedly possessing a knife. The child was then transferred to Ofer military center for investigation. In Jenin, clashes broke out in Anin and Zabouba towns after Israeli forces stormed the two towns amid heavy use of teargas bombs. Several injuries were reported during the clashes. Similar raids were carried out in Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil where several homes were stormed and a number of local youths were summoned for investigation including an ex-detainee.

Nigeria, a slaughter story put on paper

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The horror of the massacres jihadist viewed through the eyes of children. The Unhcr call so that refugees have the necessary assistance. The Boko Haram advance is ruining the country.

On Unicef initiative, through their drawings, the children of Baga Sola represented tragedy experienced in August 2014, when Boko Haram militants devastated the village. A dramatic representation of numbers connected to Nigerian population.

Unhcr, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan, which should allow to find about 175 million dollars to aid 192000 Nigerians who gave up country. Indeed, Camerun, Chad and Niger received thousands of people who are needing economical, health and mental cares. Furthermore, several children are requiring of scholastic instruction.

But, after Buhari elections, fights are going on. Chadian and Nigerian troops killed about 300 jihadists on the borderline between Nigeria and Nigeria. While 30 people died after that Boko Haram militants dressed up preacher and bursted into Kwajafa village.

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