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Al Jazeera Media Network calls for the release of its new producer

Al Jazeera Media Network has denied “fabricated allegations” against her news producer who was arrested in Egypt on Friday. The network called for the immediate release of Mahmoud Hussein. “Al Jazeera believes all charges against Hussein, including those that may be added later to the current allegations, to be the result of practices that violate international norms and conventions, and that, unfortunately, prevail in Egypt as exposed by organizations human rights”. Until Egypt going to attack the freedom of the media? Egyptian Interior Ministry said Hussein was arrested at Giza and he was detained for 15 days pending investigations. The statement on Sunday said that Hussein used several residences “to avoid security monitoring to the illegal labor light of Al Jazeera in the country and its inability to obtain the necessary licenses.” Hussein was charged with “incitement against the state institutions and pass on false information with the aim of spreading chaos.” Al Jazeera has denied all the charges, and said it was concerned about the safety of Hussein.

Nigeria, famine risk

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The presidency has warned that Nigeria, Africa’s largest producer of cereals and grains, risks famine from early next year following a huge demand in the global market targeting the country’s surplus production. The huge demand for Nigerian grains in the global market is creating an excellent environment for the mindless export of Nigerian food across the borders and unless this is curtailed, Nigerian markets will be bereft of grains by January next year. The Ministry of Agriculture advised the president to call the attention of all Nigerians to the issue which, if not addressed promptly, could lead to a shortage of grains in the country.

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