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Army and popular forces attacked Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran and Asir.

The missile and artillery units of the army and popular forces fired on gatherings and sites of Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran and Asir provinces. In Jizan, the missile forces fired on the the posts where Saudi soldiers were gathering in Jalah military center, burning the posts. The same happened in Najran where the rocketry units fired missiles on military posts in al-Sudays, hitting the targets directly.  In Asir, the artillery units bombarded the Saudi groups of soldiers in Kamahat al-Sheihk military sites.

Hajah: gutted mercenary infiltration

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Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and others wounded in a failed attempt to advance that foiled by the army and popular forces in Hajah province towards the Red sea port town of Medi. The army and popular forces responded powerfully firing back and foiled the mercenaries’ attempt. Furthermore there were clashes the army and Saudi soldiers in saudi’s sites in Jizan province.

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