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U.S. lawmakers push for answers of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government

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The resignation of National Security Advisor have brought to light the issue of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government, many Republican lawmakers claim that is made clarity on the subject, not only through the establishment of a bipartisan commission of inquiry but also through in-depth investigation by the Intelligence Agencies. The White House, with the help of the Department of Justice and loyalists of Capitol Hill, trying to ward off this possibility,the supporters of Trump are willing to initiate a parliamentary investigation as long as have lead it will be the existing Parliamentary Commitees led by the GOP. In this sense, the President has renewed yesterday, during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister, his esteem for the former Advisor Michael Flynn that,according to Trump,would be victim of “mistreatment by the media

After the resignation of Michael Flynn, the Democrats demand

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After the resignation of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, due to his repeated conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US, the Democrats demand again to the administration and to the Congress, Republican majority, which is made clear on the links that the new administration has with Russia calling for the formation of an independent and bipartisan commission of inquiry in Congress. A Favor of Democratic proposal has also deployed the GOP Sen. McCain, while other Republicans have merely taken note of the resignation of Flynn considering them a duty saw the loss of the relationship of trust between him and the President. It should be stressed that according to reports the Department of Justice would allert the administration about the talks between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador a month ago.

NSA, CIA and FBI directors ready to discuss about the Russian cyber attack with Trump

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James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, John Brennan, the CIA Director, and James Comey, FBI Directorate are ready to meet in New York with President-elect Trump to discuss the events related to the alleged manipulation of the presidential election in November by Russian agents. President Obama has already met the three directors on Tuesday. While the press expects a declassified version of the Intelligence, reports are followed by a series of rumors that Trump would choose Dan Coats as the new Director of National Intelligence. Coats is certainly not a friend of Moscow: he was one of the supporters of sanctions against Russia following the annexation of the Crimea in 2014. Furthermore, some of the media, including the prestigious Wall Street Journal, launched the rumor that Trump would have in mind a reform of the Intelligence services. The news was denied by the spokesman of the President-elect.

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