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Lebanon, ITALBATT led by “Nizza Cavalry”

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Transfer of authority for ITALBATT in Lebanon. The handover between the Italian task force engaged in activities to support the local population and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), in compliance with the Resolution 1701 of the United Nations, has occurred today in the military base of Al Mansouri.



The Commander of the Regiment “Nizza Cavalry”, Colonel Massimiliano Quarto, takes over the Commander of the Regiment “Genova Cavalry”, Colonel Giovanni Biondi. Since last April 21 2015, the transferor task force carried on many activities, including: 8.000 patrols to ensure the safety of the country, 400 operations conducted in cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), to assist them in achieving the full operational capability in the south area of Litani River.


Through the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC), they also realized many projects in support of civilians in the 22 municipalities included in the ITALBATT intervention zone. All this, accordino to the framework assigned to the contingents by the UN: monitoring the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel, supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and supporting local, joining interforce training exercises, aimed at comparing and standardizing procedures in the context of military operations in Lebanon, as well as the consolidation of a necessary cohesion between the armed forces of the 39 countries that currently represent the multicultural environment of UNIFIL mission.


The next session of activities, concentrated in the border area between Israel and Lebanon, the so-called “blue line”, and in the coastal area south of Tyre, is now entrusted to staff Taurinense Alpine Brigade Regiment “Nizza Cavalry”, strenghtened by the “Alpini L’Aquila” Battalion.

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