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Mesa de Unidad Democratica believes that the party renewal process organized by the National Electoral Council is a sham

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The opposition coalition, believes that the party renewal process as well as organized by the National Electoral Council is a sham, according to the spokesman of the MUD the National Electoral Council would develop a fraudulent and criminal system, in collaboration with the government, aiming to complicate as much as possible the process of renewal and make so it turns almost impossible to carry out regional and municipal elections. The thesis of the MUD is opposed by the government coalition, Gran Polo Patriotico, as they feel disadvantaged by the rules of the process so that the National Secretary of the Venezuelan Communist Party, Oscar Figuera, said that his party has resorted to Supreme Court of Justice to suspend the process of renewal because is contrary to the political parties and citizens rights.

Rondon: there is no constitutional impediment for the convening of regional elections

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Luis Emilio Rondon, Rector of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, during an interview with the TV news of Venevisión said that there is no constitutional neither formal impediment for the convening of regional elections, any delay should be to undermine the fundamental right of Venezuelans to choose their local representatives. Rondon added that the problem of the legitimacy of political parties at national level can not and should not influence the regional elections, also the same National Electoral Council had promised, at the end of 2016, that in the first half of 2017 would be held the regional elections in the Departments whose mandates have expired, the time to keep the promise there, but according to the Rector it’s necessary that the NEC will accelerate the times and establish a clear program.

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