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Trump says US won't leave NAFTA,for now.President Donald Trump said he has told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that he will not pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement at this time, but could still withdraw if he concludes

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President Donald Trump said he has told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that he will not pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement at this time, but could still withdraw if he concludes a renegotiated pact is not “a fair deal for all”. Trump tweeted early Thursday that he has agreed to remain a partner in the much-discussed trade agreement in calls he received from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The White House released a statement late Wednesday saying only that Trump had assured the two leaders in phone conversations that the U.S. would not withdraw from NAFTA at this time.

Trump's Nafta revamp could near boiling point at Mexico election

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The time table drawn up by the Trump’s administration,explained in an interview by the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, about the change of NAFTA could complicate the scenery of the presidential elections in Mexico, planned for 2018, benefiting the candidate of the populist left wing Manuel López Obrador, precisely in this regard the mexicans Foreign Minister and Minister of Economy are pushing to quickly opening the negotiations, in the hope that these terminate by the end of this year. Even Canada would be ready to sit down now at the negotiating table.


US estimated that the review of NAFTA will begin later this year

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During an interview with Bloomberg Secretary to American trade, Wilbur Ross, has suggested that the negotiations for the modification of NAFTA could last about a year and has already begun the first contacts with the representatives of Mexico and Canada. Ross said the Trump administration does not intend to overturn the NAFTA against  Mexico, but only wants to change some aspects of the Trade to make a way that some part of the jobs losted due to NAFTA will return in the USA. The amendment to the NAFTA does not like at some of US lawmakers, especially those of the states on the border with Mexico, who fear a decline of the local economy.

Mexico-US fiscal battle looms.

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While the US President Trump spoke to the US Congress the Minister of Foreign Mexican Videgaray referring to the Mexican Senate the strategies that the Government intends to hold with regard to future moves, especially in economic matters, the American administration. Videgary has guaranteed that if the US should take disadvantageous tax measures for Mexico this latter would respond in a proportionate and appropriate way, the Minister did not specify what would be the government’s moves in response to the United States because it is necessary to wait until the moment that the US make the first move. Regarding the possible renegotiation of NAFTA Videgary was clear in affirming that Mexico will renegotiate the agreement if the changes proposed do not go against the interests of the country.


Guajardo sates:"If US insists on tariffs, I get up to negotiation table"

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Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo, said in an interview with Bloomberg that if the United States, in the context of the renegotiation of NAFTA, should try to impose the duties so Mexico abandon the negotiating table. Guajardo said that the United States cannot renegotiate NAFTA to only get benefits for them, however,according to the Minister at least in the short term the US will not date will be in a position to impose customs duties against Mexico.


PM of Canada Justin Trudeau met Trump today

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Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, met President Donald Trump today at the White House. At the center of the debate, there were trade relations between the two countries but also the signature of a memorandum which foresees the foundation of the United States-Canada Council for the Advancement of women Business Leaders-female Entrepreneurs, an organization that should be addressed to encourage women wishing to start a business venture. Probably the two leaders discussed about the NAFTA, that Trump would change because he believes it’s unfair to both the US and Canada, but neither Trudeau made statements in this regard.

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