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Saudi aggression warplanes continue heinous strikes against civilians

Airstrikes on several provinces by the Saudi-led coalition continue. In Hodeida 3 people were killed in Saudi air raid and in Hjjah province the saudi aggression warplanes launched 18 air strikes, damaging public and private properties. In Mokha district in the province of Taiz 6 members of a family were killed by a Saudi air strikes on ther house. There were also used cluster bombs in Mareb province and 3 citizens were killed and 4 wounded in a Saudi air strike in Baqam district of Sa’ada province.

Arab coalition declares Yemen's Hodeida a military zone

The city of Hodeida in Yemen was declared a military zone by the Saudi-led coalition. Due to this decision civilians should stay in their home and avoid clashes until further notice. After the recapture of the city of al-Mokha, 20 rebels and government troops were killed overnight in clashes that erupted the day after government forces seized control of the area. A military source said the death tool stands at 14 rebels and 6 troops and 8 dead were confirmed by a source of Hodeida hospital.

Protect Yemen civilians is one of the top priorities for the Saudi-led coalition

Protect Yemen civilians is one of the top priorities for the Saudi-led coalition. The coalition forces have an interest in restoring legitimacy in Yemen and show concern for the lives of civilians and for humanitarian rights. The coalition is constantly working with UN organizations and International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to support humanitarian effrots. There is also an independent team which is working to develop investigation procedures on accidents and incidents and provides reports about each incident. The coalition is trying to evacuate civilians in conflict areas before launching airstrikes on hiding places of Houthis and other rebels but Houthis are using civilians as human shields and deliberately hid fighters and weapons near civilians in al-Mokha and Taiz to avoid being attacked, evenf if in violation of international humanitarian law.

32 combats killed in western Yemen

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As loyalist forces of President Hadi advanced into neighborhood of Mokha 32 combats were killed on Wednesday in a battle for a key coastal town in western Yemen. 24 Houthis were killed and 12 of that were taken to an hospital in Mokha, while 12 others were militias and were buried after they were found by advancing troops. Between the soldiers 8 were killed and more than 400 combatants have been killed since the government forces launched their offensive in the Red Sea coastline. So 32 combats is just the bill of today.

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