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Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

President Ghani accepts resignations of Defense Minister and Chief of Army Staff

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday accepted resignation of defense minister and chief of army staff after Shaheen 209 military corps’ deadly attack. the last defeated of the afganistan army agaist the insuregeant talleban terrorism cause the dead of more than 130 goverment s soldiers and highlight the instability of this region. The decision came at a high-level security meeting chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the prospective that the heads of security organs has demostrated an evident lack of controll even in the army bases themselves . All the resignation went ahead respectfully and the retiring defence minister and Chief of Army staff offered to serve the government in the future in case of need and they will may be reapponted in others government occupations.

Ghani said that combating communists is the same as combating terrorism

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who attended a ceremony held at Presidential palace on the occasion of 26th of Dalwa equals to withdraw of Russian troops from Afghanistan, insisted over the victory of Afghanistan and winning war against terrorism. He said that combating communists is the same as combating terrorists, and according to him Afghanistan will win this war as it won that war. He also invited Taliban into a peace and dialogue process because they can’t win this war. Ghani added that Russia after 28 governments is repeating the same mistake committed years ago, interfering in the Afghan affairs. 26th of dalwa is the day that Russian troops withdrew Afghanistan 28 years ago, they were defeated by the Mujahidin.

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