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Oman’s principles agreement of ceasefire breached by US-Saudi aggression jets and mercenaries

US-Saudi aggression war jets and their mercenaries continued on Sunday breaching Oman`s principles agreement of ceasefire on several Yemeni provinces; in the capital Sanaa, the Saudi aggression fighter jets intensively flew over the capital for hours as they launched five air strikes on Dhubab and Rijam areas of Bani Hushaish district on the northeast outskirts of the capital. Meanwhile, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched several attempts of advances towards locations of the national army and popular forces in the district of Nehm northeast of the capital. The mercenaries’ attempts were repelled. Also provinces of Taiz, Lahj, Marib and Saada are been taken under attack.

Voluntary mobilization to front lines declared by Yemen tribes

Yemen tribes declared on Saturday voluntary mobilization to front lines to reinforce the national army and popular forces in confronting US-Saudi aggression coalition war and their mercenaries. The tribes also rose a lot of money to support the national troops and fighters of the national army and popular forces. Meanwhile, in Taiz, the warplanes from the US-backed Saudi aggression coalition launched five raids on the neighborhood of Sala Alskani in an attempt to support the advance of Saudi-American aggression mercenaries, but the raids led to the destruction of dozens of homes partially and totally.

Hajah: gutted mercenary infiltration

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Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and others wounded in a failed attempt to advance that foiled by the army and popular forces in Hajah province towards the Red sea port town of Medi. The army and popular forces responded powerfully firing back and foiled the mercenaries’ attempt. Furthermore there were clashes the army and Saudi soldiers in saudi’s sites in Jizan province.

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