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Attorney General Sessions met the Russian Ambassador Kislyak at least twice last year, democratic lawmakers clamoring for the resignation

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Some of the senior members of the Justice Department admitted that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions met the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least twice last year, ie before being appointed head of the Department of Justice. Democratic lawmakers clamoring for the resignation because Sessions, while not violating the Logan Act, however  has lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during her confirmation hearing, in fact, Sessions has denied any involvement with people linked to Russia during the months in which he was a consultant of the Trump campaign. The Attorney General defended himself stating that at the time of fact was a member of the Armed Services Committee of the Senate and due of his position came into contact with several ambassadors including the Russian one, the position has been refuted as 20 of the 26 Committee members said they had not encountered anyone, meetings with Kislyak would still be suspicious because it seems that one of the two meetings will be held in the office of Sessions on Capitol Hill and have regarded the opinion that the American Intelligence had made on cyber attacks carried out by Moscow against the Democrats.

Michael Flynn has resigned because of his contact with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

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Michael Flynn, Director of the National Security of the President Trump, has resigned, the official reason is his contact with the Russian Ambassador in the USA, Sergey Kislyak, began when Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for the events of hacking during the presidential election. Mark Jacobson, Director of the former Secretary of Defense, explained that Flynn violated the Logan Act, a law that prohibits private citizens to have diplomatic relations, at the time of the facts Flynn did not hold any  position in the Cabinet but,despite this, had reassured the Russian Ambassador on the new approach that Trump would have had with Russia,it also seems that Flynn, before resigning, did not inform neither the President neither the Vice President of contacts with the Russian Ambassador. Russia’s reaction to Flynn’s resignation was not positive, both journalists and some senior administration officials do not seem happy, his successor should be Keith Kellogg, former General and chief of staff of the White House National Security Council.

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