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king Salman named "Islamic personality of the year"

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During a conference press in Dubai, it was named king Salman as islamic personality of the year” by organizing Committee of high profile Dubai International Qa’ran  Award. This award was conferred in presence of panel chairman  Bu Melha. The organing committee has referred to his constantly efforts to preserving Islamic and Muslims heritage and to fighting terrorism. In addition to this, it was stressed involvement of King Salman in humanitarian affairs,thank to Centre for relief for Humanitarian aids and Relief in Jeddah. It is really important to assure conducting humanitarian operations in those areas. Some members of Islamic and Muslims society have also declared King Salman like a anthropologist and philanthropist. He has received several certifications to underline his own ability in interviewing in humanitarian situation ad well and, at the end, he has got different medals from some lands, like Marocco, France, United Nations, Senegal, Bosnia Herzegovina and others.


Riyadh summits embodied keenness to achieve security, stability, says King Salman

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King Salman has thanked all authorities of member states of GCC and also Trump, for their participation to this summit, where they had the opportunity of discussing about several and noteworthy challenges in various fields. This has led to signing an important agreement between GCC countries and USA, and also the establishment of Center for countering Terrorism in Riyadh. The aim of Global Center for combating extremist Ideology is prevent families from spreading of terrorism and extremism. The ability of Saudi Kingdom of hosting this summit reflects the importance of bolstering international relations, to achieve common goals. The Cabinet has also thanked King Salman for his help, but it has also reminded the importance of eradicating terrorism and extremism in several States and interviewing in some situations such as war between Palestian and Israelian people and also interviewing in Syria. It was established by Public Investment Fund the establishment of Saudi Military Industries, which localize 50% of military expenses. The Cabinet has also thanked King Salman of supporting and giving efforts to Yemeni people, to contain disease. In conclusion, Saudi Government has signed a MoU with Japan, in compliance with Vision 2030 and others are going to be signed with Azeri and Sweden Government, to implement their economic relations.


King Salman: Iran spearheading global terror

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King Salman, during his speech at the International Summit, held on 21st May, has declared the participation of Trump is useful to indicate his keenness in reinforcing and assuring cooperation in various fields. What is noting and noteworthy is, during this conference, was possible to assist at inter religious cooperations and also to shared value like countering terrorism and extremism and realizing an united front to fight against them, pursuing a common aim. King Salman has kept on condemning the use of Islam religion in order to achieve political aims as some groups do, for example Hezbollah group, ISIS and also Iranian regime. In addition to this, King Salman has also declared the importance of stopping the revolutionary regime in Iran, established since Khomeini revolution. Iran has neglected all forms of neighborhood. The Gulf Coordination Council has also adopted, with the signing of an agreement with USA, the application of firm measures against terror financing, establishing a center in Riyadh.

Consular Office for Yemen affairs opens in Jeddah

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Saudi Ambassador to Yemen al-Jaber announced it will open in Jeddah a new office for Yemen affairs, which helps at issuing visas for Yemenis. These processes will be facilitated for the ones, who are going to seek for employment or visit in Kingdom. The operative embassies in Aden and Sanaa will cooperate in sending to the office in Jeddah all required documents to be issued the visas. As al-Jaber reported, the office in Jeddah doesn’t receive applicants, but it work remotely and via Website. This new activity, promoted by King Salman, is another representation of volunteer in cooperating and collaborating with Yemeni people and help them at finalizing their requests to leave the country and find stability in Kingdom, giving them all facilities and services without any exceptions.

Trump visit will reaffirm strong US-Saudi ties: US homeland security chief

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According to US Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, Trump has accepted invitation by King Salman of visiting Saudi Arabia later this month. He has also affirmed, Trump considers Saudi Arabia as critical ally in the region. Of course, it is stressed out the importance of the partnership between these two States in order to achieve several goals, regarding fields such as terrorism, stability and security.The aim of Trump, as Kelly reported, is cooperating and associating in order to help to fight extremism and violence and to help young muslims to embrace a better and more hopeful future. Kelly went to visit some historical and important places such gateway to Makkah and Madinah and Bayt Nasseef Heritage House in Jeddah’s historic district.

Saudi-Jordan joint statement underlines solid bilateral ties.

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King Salman’s visit to Jordan aimed to enhance political, security,military, investment,cultural, agricultural, labor, transport, housing and energy cooperation between the two countries. During the meetings of the Saudi-Jordanian Coordination Council and the Joint Jordanian-Saudi Committee a number of agreeements and memoranda of understanding were signed and the development of bilateral relations were ensured. Concerning the Palestinian situation the two sides stressed the “legitimate rights of the Palestinian peopleand their right to establish an indipendent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital”. Moreover they expressed their hope for the success of the 28th Arab Summit that will be held in Jordan and their support in combating extremism,terrorism and violence. They also discussed about Syria and Yemen and the importance of preserve their unity, besides condemn Iran’s interference in the internal affairs of the region’s countries

The Cabinet renewed Saudi Arabia's condemnation of Syrian air attacks on UN humanitarian aid convoys.

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During the meeting chaired by King Salman, the Cabinet renewed Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of Syrian air attacks on UN humanitarian aid convoys, that led to the suspension of assistance in the country. The Cabinet also expressed concern on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the regime,ita allies and militias against Syrian people. Moreover the EU on Monday imposed sanctions against four senior Syrian military officials accused of using chemical weapons on civilians and also targeted Syrian companies accused of manufacturing them. The four military officials will be banned from travelling to the EU. In fine EU sanctions also include an oil embargo, restrictions on investments, a freeze of Syrian central bank assets and a ban on exports of equipment and technology that could be used against civilians

King Salman visits China,his fifth Asian destination.

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After concluding his visit to Japan by attending the closing session of the Forum on the Business vision between Saudi Arabia and Japan 2030, King Salman arrived to China on Wednesday, the fifth destination of his asian tour. The Forum discussed ways to achieve the executive programs following Kingdom Vision 2030 and to promote trade and investments between Saudi Arabia and Japan in the presence of many Saudi and Japanese business men. Saudi King Salman and the Japanese Prime Minister also signed notes and programs of cooperation in the field of industrial revolution and a Memorandum of Cooperation on the Implementation of the Japanese Saudi Vision for 2030.

Saudi Arabia, Indonesia sign range of deals at start of King Salman's visit

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On the first day of his visit to Indonesia, King Salman signed a range of cooperation agreements. Among the several pacts King Salman and the Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed an agreement to take down trade barries and another one between state energy companies Saudi Aramco and Pertamina, which is expected to expand Indonesia’s biggest refinery. Moreover as the Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Indonesia said on Tuesday, the two countries will cooperate to defeat terrorism, as military officers already do training in each other’s countries against Daesh militants. King Salman will also meet religious leaders, make a speech at paliament and visit Southeast Asia’a biggest mosque. The aim of Indonesia during Saudi’s visitt is to attract billions of dollars of investments from the kingdom besides building cultural and religious ties and promoting education.

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