king Salman named "Islamic personality of the year"

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During a conference press in Dubai, it was named king Salman as islamic personality of the year” by organizing Committee of high profile Dubai International Qa’ran  Award. This award was conferred in presence of panel chairman  Bu Melha. The organing committee has referred to his constantly efforts to preserving Islamic and Muslims heritage and to fighting terrorism. In addition to this, it was stressed involvement of King Salman in humanitarian affairs,thank to Centre for relief for Humanitarian aids and Relief in Jeddah. It is really important to assure conducting humanitarian operations in those areas. Some members of Islamic and Muslims society have also declared King Salman like a anthropologist and philanthropist. He has received several certifications to underline his own ability in interviewing in humanitarian situation ad well and, at the end, he has got different medals from some lands, like Marocco, France, United Nations, Senegal, Bosnia Herzegovina and others.


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