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Dossier Of The Massacres In The Kasai – The New York Times Tire On The Monusco And Kabila

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The Congolese political microcosm has been hit by a scandal the last weekend, after the New York Times article which charged  the national deputy Clément Kanku, on the grounds that it would be involved in  the violence  in Grand Kasaï for nine months. While reaffirming the implication of this ex-secretary in the massacres which affected  his province of origin, his newspaper has just  accused Monusco of having showed a negligence, in the protection of two UN state employees murdered in Kasaï Central. According to The New York Times, Monusco would not have taken the security measures required before the travel of two investigators towards a part of the Republic where the insecurity was generalized,  not only because of the attacks of the militiamen Kamuina Nsapu, but also in the actions of Congolese reprisals of armed forces, on the background of massive violations of the rights of man. The newspaper argues that Zaïda Catalan and Michaël Sharp would not have received the useful information on the real security situation which prevailed over the ground, Monusco having let them venture into a nameless jungle with as guide a single interpreter.


17 new mass graves discovered by the UN in Central Kasaï.

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The UNO announced on Wednesday to have discovered 17 new common graves in the province of central Kasaï, in the center of the RDC. The High commissioner of United Nations in human rights asks Kinshasa to open an inquiry on 40 mass graves so bfar rought to light since September. “Investigators of United Nations in RDC confirm the existence of at least 17 new common graves in the province of central Kasaï”, writes the High commission of the UNO in human rights , “It means a total number of 40 common graves documented by United Nations in the provinces of central Kasaï and oriental Kasaï” from the beginning of the violence in these regions. If no national investigation is undertaken,  Zeid Ra’ ad Al Hussein indicates that he will not hesitate “to ask to the international community to support an investigation led by international parthners, including  the International Criminal Court”.

The International Criminal Courtand the massacre of au Kasai

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The Prosecutor’s office of CPI (international Criminal court) made a statement in which declared that <The information was registrd on the register of the communication of the office and will receive all the deliberate attention, according to the measures of  the Statue of Rome of the international Criminal Court>. The answer of the International Criminal Court coincides with the position of the Hugh commissioner of ONU in Human Righs, Zeid Ra’ al Hussein, who asked for the establishment of a commission of inquiry about the violations of human rights perpetrated by RDC government,  after the  discovery of three mass graves in Kasaï and Lomami. There is also a video element showing a group of soldiers in Armed forces of RDC uniforms, equipped with firearms, receiving instructions to hit the victims. Afterword Commander order to open the fire on not armed civilians. Joseph Kabilia has never reacted to the assertions of violations of Human rights neither in condolance with the victims.

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