The International Criminal Courtand the massacre of au Kasai

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The Prosecutor’s office of CPI (international Criminal court) made a statement in which declared that <The information was registrd on the register of the communication of the office and will receive all the deliberate attention, according to the measures of  the Statue of Rome of the international Criminal Court>. The answer of the International Criminal Court coincides with the position of the Hugh commissioner of ONU in Human Righs, Zeid Ra’ al Hussein, who asked for the establishment of a commission of inquiry about the violations of human rights perpetrated by RDC government,  after the  discovery of three mass graves in Kasaï and Lomami. There is also a video element showing a group of soldiers in Armed forces of RDC uniforms, equipped with firearms, receiving instructions to hit the victims. Afterword Commander order to open the fire on not armed civilians. Joseph Kabilia has never reacted to the assertions of violations of Human rights neither in condolance with the victims.

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