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Trump said: expelling drug traffickers and other criminals in an operation called "military”

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About the trip of US Secretary of State Tillerson and the Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly in Mexico, President Trump said during a meeting with managers of different companies that for the first time the United States is expelling from the national territory drug traffickers and other criminals in an operation that Trump has called “military”. The President’s words have troubled the Mexican government that immediately requested clarification at Tillerson and at Kelly, both were forced to deny the Trump statements, especially Kelly ensured that the will not be used military in the operations and that there will be no mass expulsions.

Trump wants the former Gen. Of Marines John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security

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President-elect of the United States seems determined to designate the former Gen. of Marines John Kelly Secretary of Homeland Security. If the nomination will be approved, Kelly would become the second former military in Trump’s Cabinet , the first is the nominated Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and also just another one of the militaries that Trump would like to place at the highest level of the administration. Several members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have expressed preoccupation for this militarization of senior federal levels of government, not remembering the exciting experiences of military-administrators both during the first term of Obama has in previous administrations.

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