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Catania’s prosecutor: check NGOs for any links with the smugglers

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Italy is looking more closely at the role of privately-funded rescue operations that have been plucking migrants from the seas off Libya and into the possibility that there may be collusion between smugglers and some of the rescuers. A Sicilian prosecutor has told the news agency AFP that the cost and sophistication of the rescue operations had attracted attention. “There is an abnormal proliferation of NGOs [Non-Government Organisations] operating “ said Carmelo Zuccaro, Catania’s prosecutor, “I’m not talking about the big, prestigious organisations, but all the small ones that seem to have sophisticated hardware, such as drones” Zuccaro said that in 2013 his office had begun its own monitoring of migrant trafficking. Because of their expensive equipment and its interest in their sources of funding, it had now started to check NGOs for any links with the smugglers. It seems clear that the European border security force Frontex has been watching the movement of rescue vessels just as it has been seeking to monitor the trafficking gangs that have been launching migrants from the coast of western Libya. Such observation will have included the interception of radio traffic.

Boko Haram: also an European issue

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Military and economical campaign against Boko Haram is continuing. During March, Nigerian army killed several militants, as happened two days ago when 5 jihadists were killed and many weapons confiscated. Or through the suspenction of four cattle markets in Borno State, where Boko Haram traded stolen animals to support itself.

If social and military radicalization of Boko Haram is well-known, also economical point of view is important. Especially about the cattle trade, which almost entirely passes by Borno. Indeed, the closure of four markets even affected the market in Lagos, where prices rised.

Neverthless, after Libya, also Nigeria is becoming a new Caliphate stronghold. This was evident during January 2016, when 905 Nigerian migrants reached Italian coasts through Mediterranean route (109 on January 2015): “We have to control better this situation – Federico Soda, IOM, said -. About, about 90 per cent of Nigerian women were victims of human trafficking. “

17,000 people killed, at least 1,000 schools destroyed, over 2 million displaced people. These are the numbers of Boko Haram insurgency in the last six year. An insurgency which is producing a migration route towards Libya and another geopolitical matter for Italy and EU countries.
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