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IOM: African migrants sold in modern-day slave markets in Libya

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The UN International Organization of Migration (IOM), has revealed that west African illegal migrants are being traded in open slave markets in Libya. Libya is the main way for migrants to reach Europe, since the closure of Turkey-Greek border. For a large part of them, they have no identity document and no money. This situation has created the emergence of human traffic in the country. The captives are made to work with no remuneration and meager meals and the captives’ families are often called and threatened for a ransom of around 300,000 west African francs, or US$472. In some cases, migrants are put in illegal prisons, and/or killed by smugglers

IOM: 5,238 dead and missing migrants in 2016

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“The number of migrant deaths and disappearances recorded by IOM in 2016 has reached 5,238.  This means that 951 or 20 percent more people have lost their lives while migrating compared with the same period in 2015. “ Internation Organization for Migration described in the last report about migrants.

This number is mainly composed of deaths or missing migrants who have tried to cross Mediterranean Sea “where an estimated 3,930 people have died or gone missing in 2016, while trying to reach Europe. Meanwhile, some 332,046 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy. Some 169,524 people have arrived in Greece and 157,049 in Italy. “

However, it’s an international issue, which also concerns Latin America: “This latest grim total means that nearly 13 people per day have died in 2016. The bodies of over 60 percent of those who died have not been recovered – IOM’s report added -. Elsewhere, there have been increases in migrant deaths in Latin America, where at least 500 people have died while migrating. At least 87 Hondurans (including 10 minors) were killed while migrating through Mexico between 1 January and 23 October, 2016. The causes of death included dehydration, train and car accidents, suffocation, homicide and natural causes. Significantly, the number of deaths recorded in Central America has increased by 92 percent from the same period in 2015. “



IOM: 164,752 arrivals in 2016, 531 deaths

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164,752 migrants or refugees entered in Europe by sea in 2016: 149,534 in Greece (366 deaths in Eastern route), 15,218 in Italy (165 deaths in Central and Western Route). These are IOM numbers about the EU immigration from January to March 2016. A report which certifies a new migration route map.

A new migration route map which means two different origins. Indeed, Sub-Saharian people usually prefer pass through Libya and Italy to reach Europe. While Syrians and Iraqis have definitely chosen the Greek route. As reported by Hellenic Coast Guard, “77,392 of the newly arrived migrants are from Syria, 38,116 from Afghanistan, 23,078 from Iraq, 5,085 from Pakistan and 4,369 from Iran.” And from January 2015 to March 2016 IOM calculated “1,003,184 arrivals to Greece by sea.”

And like Kelly Namia of the IOM Athens office said, “It should be emphasized that there was a significant decrease in daily arrivals in March 2016, when 24,727 have reached Greece. The majority of the newly arrived migrants have reached the island of Lesbos, which accounted for 58% of the overall arrivals. Another 23 % arrived in Chios, 6% in Samos and 6% in Leros.”


Arrivals by sea and deaths in the Mediterranean (

1 January – 29 March 2016

 Country of Arrival



Italy 15,218 165 (Central and Western Med route)
Greece 149,534 366
(Eastern Med route)
Estimated Total 164,752 531


  Arrivals by sea to Italy 
January – March 2015/2016
Source: Italian Ministry of Interior)











(Estimate as of 29 March)



(Estimate as of 29 March)



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