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IOM: 5,238 dead and missing migrants in 2016

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“The number of migrant deaths and disappearances recorded by IOM in 2016 has reached 5,238.  This means that 951 or 20 percent more people have lost their lives while migrating compared with the same period in 2015. “ Internation Organization for Migration described in the last report about migrants.

This number is mainly composed of deaths or missing migrants who have tried to cross Mediterranean Sea “where an estimated 3,930 people have died or gone missing in 2016, while trying to reach Europe. Meanwhile, some 332,046 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving mostly in Greece and Italy. Some 169,524 people have arrived in Greece and 157,049 in Italy. “

However, it’s an international issue, which also concerns Latin America: “This latest grim total means that nearly 13 people per day have died in 2016. The bodies of over 60 percent of those who died have not been recovered – IOM’s report added -. Elsewhere, there have been increases in migrant deaths in Latin America, where at least 500 people have died while migrating. At least 87 Hondurans (including 10 minors) were killed while migrating through Mexico between 1 January and 23 October, 2016. The causes of death included dehydration, train and car accidents, suffocation, homicide and natural causes. Significantly, the number of deaths recorded in Central America has increased by 92 percent from the same period in 2015. “



South Sudan: UN and Amnesty reports

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No respect for treaty of peace signed in 2015. A civil war which is continuing between Dinka and Nuer people from over 2 years. And at last the return to national capital Juba of Riek Machar. The recent news from South Sudan and the UN and Amnesty reports about crime against humanity illustrate a geopolitical disaster which is overlooked by international community.

As reported by Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM), responsible for monitoring compliance of South Sudan, from late December to early March, the truce was definitely violated 5 time. So, a cruel context, very distant from peace agreements in Ethiopia of July 2015. Moreover, the civil war should not be included only within Greater Upper Nile.

This war has caused humanitarian effects, as resulted by UN and Amnesty International charges. Over 8,000 mine victims since 2011. The rape as soldiers salary. Children and disabled people tortured burned alive. About 1.6 million people continued to be displaced from their homes within the country, and some 600,000 sought refuge in neighbouring countries. At least 4 million people faced food shortages.

“The challenge in South Sudan is an increasing disconnect between the assurances of national and the actions of local groups,” said UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordination, Stephen O’Brien. “In addition to the ongoing violence, the deteriorating economic situation is further driving instability. The monthly cost of food and clean water for an average family now amounts to 10 times the salary of a teacher.

While Kate Gilmore, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, denounced that “Since December 2013, all parties to the conflict have committed gross human rights violations and abuses, along with serious violations of international humanitarian law. These include killing civilians, widespread sexual violence against women and girls, pillaging and destruction of civilian property such as homes, humanitarian infrastructure, schools, and medical facilities, including hospitals. ”

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Romania: citizens against Government

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Corruption is the plague and there is not much time left for citizens to allow it anymore. Romania’s president nominated former EU Commissioner Dacian Ciolos as the nation’s new prime minister Tuesday, after protests over a nightclub fire that killed at least 48 people brought down the government.



“Victor Ponta is giving up his mandate. Someone needs to assume responsibility for what has happened. This a serious matter and we promise a quick resolution of the situation,” party head Liviu Dragnea told journalists in parliament, Reuters reported. “You probably noticed thousands of people last evening and what they demanded,” he added.

President Klaus Iohannis said Romania needs “a clean person, a person not involved in scandals, a person of integrity.”

Protests broke out late on Nov. 3 in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, and demonstrators demanded Cabinet resignations over allegations of corrupt permitting that led to a nightclub fire and 32 deaths, Reuters reported.
The demonstrators specifically demanded the resignation of Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea and the mayor of the district where the nightclub is located.

Stratfor sources indicate that as many as 20,000 people gathered in Bucharest, and youth and student organizations called for more participants on social media. Similar demonstrations have broken out simultaneously in Brasov and Ploiesti. The government passed legislation on Nov. 3 that would grant the power to emergency authorities to immediately close venues that do not have permits or defy safety regulations. The three nightclub owners have declined to comment.

On Wednesday evening, thousands massed in Bucharest’s University Square and in at least three other cities, calling for early elections and better governance.

Donors queued at blood centres and volunteers took food and drinks to Bucharest hospitals for medical staff and victims’ families.

The protesters also criticized the powerful Romanian Orthodox Church, accusing it of failing to address an outpouring of national grief.
“We want hospitals, not cathedrals!” they chanted.

The ensuing political fallout has alread, claimed Ponta who is awaiting trial on charges of corruption made in June.
District mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone said he would build a monument outside Colectiv. He said that “as far as the local authority was concerned, the club had all the necessary paperwork”.

On the other hand, romanian citizens claim that bribes were paid to mantain the clubs open, while not even a fire estinguisher was found in the inside. That is clearly the point.


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