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Egypt: Arrests of alleged Islamic State members continue as group threatens Christians

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Five alleged members of the militant group Islamic State were referred to the Criminal Court by the prosecution on Friday, state-owned media reported. Arrested members, was planning a trip to Libya to train themselves before to come back in Egypt to carry out terrorists attacks. In a recent development, the leader (emir) of the Islamic State’s branch in Egypt warned Muslims to stay away from Christian gatherings, as well as military, security, and governmental facilities, which are “legitimate targets for the organisation”. Although the declaration of the state of emergency and the Egyptian government’s pledge to end militancy, the activities of the Islamic State have started to turn its sights on targets outside its base in Sinai to reach Cairo and the Delta.

Rome Statute: Russia has no intention to become a member

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According to the relevant resolution signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and posted on the government’s legal information web portal on Wednesday, Russia has no intention to become a member of the Rome Statute, which is the basic document establishing the International Criminal Court. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow refused to ratify the ICC Statute because the International Criminal Court has not lived up to what was expected, , especially in terms of becoming a genuinely independent judicial body According to Russian authorities, there is a large number of contradictions existing between separate provisions of the statute and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which is one of the reasons for Russia’s refusal to ratify the document. The Rome Statute (The ICC Charter) was developed with Russia’s participation and adopted by the UN Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries in Rome on 17th of July, 1998. It entered into force on 1st of July, 2002 and started operating in 2003. Russia signed the document on 13th of September, 2000.

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