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The Brussels Conference: it will address the situation in Syria and the impact of the crisis in the region

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The Brussels Conference brings together ministerial representatives from over 70 delegations, including from the EU and the region but also the wider international community, the United Nations, major donors and civil society, humanitarian and development organisations. It will address the situation in Syria and the impact of the crisis in the region. The conference will assess where the international community stands collectively in fulfilling commitments made at the London Conference in February 2016 and agree on additional efforts needed to meet the needs of those affected by the crisis. Discussions will also focus on how the international community can support a lasting political resolution to the Syrian conflict through an inclusive and Syrian-led political transition process based on the Security Council resolutions.

Moscow on the International community’s efforts

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed on Thursday that the West seeks to prevent attacking Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in Syria to take advantage of it. During a press conference with Benin’s foreign minister in Moscow, Lavrov said that the UN Security Council recently condemned the use of civilians as human shields by ISIS in the Iraqi city of Mosul but it didn’t do the same thing against the practices of Jabhat al-Nusra in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. The Russian Minister pointed out that Moscow is concerned that the international community’s efforts regarding overcoming the crises in Syria, Iraq and other areas should be transparent, fair and not accompanied with attempts to achieve certain geopolitical goals.

Nigeria: international community’s deafening silence

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Five suicide little girls killed 4 deaths (including themselves) and 41 wounded in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. Explosions took place near a mosque, after the evening prayer, and security building. Although it has not claimed responsibility yet, attacks are very probably endorsed by Boko Haram. In addition, it’s not the first time that this jihadist organization uses brainwashed girls to hit population.

If Syria and Libya are in international community spotlights, the same can not be said for Nigeria, as evidenced by refusal of military aid from the United States last July. Already in September, Borno has seen over 100 casualties caused by Boko Haram. Nigerian army outposts strengthening in Maiduguri and African military force creation along with Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Benin have not led to the desired results, despite some hostages release in north-eastern Nigeria.

In addition, to worsen this context, there is sanitation situation in the capital of Borno State. As reported by MSF, in the count of 16 September, there were 16 deaths and 172 cases of cholera in the camps in Maiduguri. Displaced people at these facilities would be 1,600,000, too many for the number of beds available: “Once again, MSF and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are alone on the field,” MSF Head of Mission in Nigeria Ghada Hatim said.

The news of Boko Haram arrival in Libya and the migration emergency due to the displacement of hundreds of thousands Chadians and Nigerians, can no longer remain silent. Finally, Nigerian division between developed south and under siege north, it makes almost impossible refugee status to Nigerian people escaped by Boko Haram: indeed, Nigerian people are generically considered illegal economic migrants.

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